MW3 Light Machine Guns

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The L86 LSW is a Light Support Weapon, that’s where it got the LSW from. The L86 makes a return from MW2 and is one of the few British weaponry to be in the Modern Warfare series. It features 100 bullets in the circular drum mag and is fully automatic.

It is in both Multiplayer and the Campaign, since its appearance in Spec Ops is unknown.

It is the first LMG to be unlocked in Multiplayer, on Level 4.

PKP Pecheneg

The PKP Pecheneg is a Russian Squad Automatic Weapon and is another new addition to the armory. Just like the L86, it features a 100-round capacity and is fully automatic, just what an LMG should be.

It is only known to be in Multiplayer.

It is a fairly good weapon, since it is unlocked on Level 30 in Multiplayer.


The MK46 is a Light Machine Gun based on the M249 SAW, with a number of alterations to meet the needs of special forces units. It has a 100-round magazine and is fully automatic.

It is only confirmed to feature in Spec Ops and Multiplayer.

It will be unlocked on Level 54 in Multiplayer.


The M60E4 is an American general-purpose Light Machine Gun and is another weapon returning from CoD 4. It features a 100-bullet capacity and is fully automatic.

It will be in both Spec Ops and Multiplayer, and is unknown if it is to feature in the Campaign.

It will be unlocked on Level 74 in Multiplayer, suggesting it’s a pretty epic weapon.


The MG36 is a variant of the G36 rifle series modified for support purposes, featuring 100 bullets and is fully automatic.

It will feature in Multiplayer but not much else is known.


The M240 is a general-purpose LMG of Belgian origin and was featured in the offical stills.

According to the still, it will be in Multiplayer; not much else is known.


The RPD is an LMG that has featured in every single Modern Warfare game to date. It is expected to make a return to MW3 after its appearance in the Reveal Trailer.

According to the trailer, it will be in the Campaign.

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