MW3 Handguns

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.44 Magnum
The .44 Magnum is set to appear in MW3, and according to its Create-a-Class image, it will have a wooden grip rather than its MW2 variant which featured a synthetic grip. Not much else is known.
It will be unlocked in Level 46 in Multiplayer.
Five Seven
The Five Seven is a semi-automatic pistol to make an appearance in MW3. Interestingly, it has a similar reload animation to the G18 in MW2 and the CZ75 in Black Ops.
It will be unlocked in Level 58 in Multiplayer, suggesting it is a pretty good weapon.
However, it is the default weapon in Survival, suggesting it is not such a good weapon for Survival and you must purchase a bad-ass weapon to survive.
Desert Eagle
The Desert Eagle is set to return to MW3. It seems to have a darker metallic finish and tritium iron sights. It also lacks the top rail and under-barrel flashlight from MW2, looking more like the CoD4 variant with Night sights.
In Multiplayer, it will be unlocked on Level 76.
USP .45
The USP .45 is a semi-auto handgun which was featured in all titles of Modern Warfare, and is returning in the third title. It was used by Marcus Burns in the mission “Mind the Gap” with both the silencer and tactical knife. It features a 12-round magazine.
Not much else is known.
It is unknown when it will be unlocked in Multiplayer.
The P99 is a semi-automatic pistol with a titanium-coated slide and a dark-grey synthetic grip. It features 18 round in its magazine and is handled with one hand. Not much else is known, unfortunately.
The MP412 is a semi-automatic magnum revolver coming with the Juggernaut pointstreak. It only has a 6-round capacity. Not much else is known at this time.

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