MW3 Perks

Modern Warfare 3, according to Robert Bowling and Michael Condrey is the most balanced Call of Duty yet. They’ve changed the perks, removing One Man Army, Commando, and “f*ck Last Stand.”

Below is the full perks list.

Tier 1

Explosive damage shows the target on mini-map.

PRO + Bullet damage shows its target on map.

Sleight of Hand
Faster reloads.

PRO + Swap weapons faster.

Blind Eye
Undetectable by air support and sentry guns.

PRO + Launchers lock on quicker.

Extreme Conditioning
Sprint for longer.

PRO + Climb up ladders faster.

Scavenger – UNLOCKED AT LEVEL 39
Resupply your ammo from dead enemies.

PRO + You have more starting ammo.

Tier 2

Aim down sight faster.

PRO + Equipment and grenade recovery is faster.

Blast Shield
Explosive resistance increased.PRO + Resistance to flashbangs and stun grenades.
1 less kill required for killstreaks.

PRO + Two assists count as a kill toward point streaks, and one less death required for a deathstreak.

Undetectable by UAV, portable radar, thermal and heartbeat sensor.

PRO + Immune to Counter UAV and EMP, plus no red crosshair or name is over you.

Overkill – Unlocked at Level 47
Carry 2 primary weapons.

PRO + Second primary may have two attachments.

Tier 3

Identify targets ad a longer range.

PRO + Hold breath longer when sniping.

Move faster while aiming.

PRO + Delay to enemy claymores.

Detect enemy explosives.

PRO + Enemy’s footsteps are louder.

Steady Aim
Increased hip fire accuracy.

PRO + Weapon ready faster after sprint.

Dead Silence – Unlocked at Level 55
Quieter movement and Recon doesn’t work as well against you.

PRO + No fall damage.

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