MW3 Missions

We are in grave danger from the spoilers. Our freedom, our very way of life is at risk.
As you enter MW3’s campaign, you are presented with a prologue which shows the current state of the world — the battle for New York, shattering glass, killing Shepherd… Task Force 141 has been disavowed and Soap and Price are classified fugitives. Nikolai and Price help Soap, and that’s it.
It’s a prologue, right?
Black Tuesday
Black Tuesday is the actual first level in MW3. The player takes control of Derek “Frost” Westbrook, a Delta Force operator in New York.
The objective of the mission is to destroy a Russian electronic jammer plonked on the Stock Exchange’s roof. Delta is extracted via a Black Hawk after they destroyed the jammer and enabled friendly communications in New York.
It’s not over yet − as you have to dogfight enemy choppers to reach the New York harbor for your next mission.
You Play As Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
With Delta Force
in New York, USA
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer, set on August 17, 2016, continues you in the role of Sgt. “Frost” with the Delta squad to infiltrate a Russian Oscar II-class SSGN and launch the boat’s missiles against their own fleet.
The team then escapes via Zodiacs in a Cliffhanger-like way (Cliffhanger is an MW2 mission.) escaping in a CH-45 Sea Knight.
You Play As Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
With Delta Force
in New York, USA
Persona Non Grata
Persona Non Grata sees you playing as Nikolai’s most trusted loyalist, Yuri, and is set directly after MW2’s final mission.
You must escape from Makarov’s men by escaping in Nikolai’s chopper. You will use a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle, other wise known as A GO-KART WITH A TURRET!).
Yuri gets left behind but eventually ends up in the chopper as well. Good job, Yuri!
You Play As Yuri
With Disavowed Task Force 141, Nikolai’s Loyalists
With Himachal Pradesh, Northern India
Turbulence features you playing as Andrei Harkov from Russia’s F.S.O. defending the Russian president, Boris Vorshevsky and his daughter about a peace treaty with the U.S. in Hamburg.
Makarov’s Inner Circle ambush the plane and take Vorshevsky, while his daughter escapes to Hamburg, Germany.
This is also the first mission where you get to see Makarov.
You Play As Andrei Harkov
With Russian F.S.O.
in A Russian Plane flying to Hamburg
5 Back on the Grid
Back on the Grid has Yuri, Price and Soap in Sierra Leone stopping the delivery of a cargo package belonging to Vladimir Makarov. This was planned to be stealthy but their cover is blown and must fight waves of African militia.
Unfortunately, the package is delivered into Europe before the threesome can stop it.
This is also the first mission where Price actually says something. Kidding! The most iconic speech in this mission is from Price: “If he’s back on the grid, then we’re back too.”
You Play As Yuri
With Disavowed Task Force 141
in Sierra Lione
6 Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap, which you should know is in London by now, takes place in Canary Wharf.
The package from Back on the Grid is transported to Canary Wharf in a truck. The SAS open the truck but find it empty.
They go on pickup trucks chasing a tube train filled with terrorists and heading back up to street level where the real package is headed. The truck turns over, and it turns out it isn’t the real package.
DISTURBING CONTENT NOTICE If the player said no to this notice, then it would head to Davis Family Vacation. If the player didn’t, the truck would detonate in front of the remaining SAS operatives.
You Play As Sgt. Marcus Burns
With British Special Air Service (SAS)
in Canary Wharf, London, UK
Davis Family Vacation
Davis Family Vacation is a short cinematic mission where the player controls a father’s camera filming their family vacation.
A truck stops in front of a family which detonates and releases gas and is just one in the European chemical attacks.
DISTRUBING CONTENT If the player finds content offensive, they can skip the mission without harming campaign progress.
You Play As Mr. Davis
With the Davis Family
in London, UK
7 Goalpost
Goalpost takes place in Hamburg, Germany with you playing as Frost form Delta. So what are they doing in Germany? Well, they’re rescuing the U.S. Vice President.
You Play As Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
With Delta Force
in Hamburg, Germany
Return to Sender
Return to Sender sees you playing as Yuri with the other two guys in a search for Waraabe, a man involved in the European chemical attacks.
Welcome to Somalia.
You Play As Yuri
With Disavowed Task Force 141, Loyalists
in Bosaso, Somalia
Bag and Drag
Bag and Drag involves Frost with Delta Force in Paris with French GIGN chasing down Volk, Makarov’s bomb maker.
Volk was tipped of by Price, which you learn about before the actual mission starts.
You Play As Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
With Delta Force, (what’s left of) GIGN
in Paris, France
10 Iron Lady
Iron Lady is set directly after Bag and Tag, where Delta must get Volk back to the U.S. The player will mostly be gunning an AC-130, which is similar to CoD4’s mission Death from Above.
You Play As Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook, AC-130 Gunner
With Delta Force, (what’s left of) GIGN
in Paris, France
11 Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm has you playing as Yuri with Soap, stealthily moving through Prague to get to a Tower, where they will provide support for Price in Blood Brothers.
You Play As Yuri
With Disavowed Task Force 141, Loyalist, Czech Resistance
in Prague, Czech Republic
12 Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers, directly after Eye of the Storm continues with you as Yuri with Soap and Price.
Soap and Price are waiting for Makarov’s convoy so they could assassinate him, but Price and Sgt. Kamarov have different plans (to ambush Makarov). Kamarov is found in a seat strapped with C4, and Makarov contacts Price, “Price, hell awaits you.”
Soap gets mortally wounded in a blast radius and dies soon after. (Didn’t I tell you there were spoilers?) Price discovers Makarov knows Yuri, and flashbacks occur.
Yuri was on Zakhaev’s side. Yuri used to be with Makarov. Yuri was betrayed by Makarov. Yuri was at the Moscow Airport massacre attempting to stop it.
Price decides not to kill him, but is still pissed about Soap’s death. He was his best friend.
You Play As Yuri
With Disavowed Task Force 141, Loyalists, Czech Resistance
in Prague, Czech Republic
13 Stronghold
Stronghold is set shortly after Blood Brothers with Yuri and Price assaulting a castle in Prague which was previously used by the Russians as a firebase.
You might be thinking right now, “What’s the point?” The point is, to find the location of Makarov.
You Play As Yuri
With Disavowed Task Force 141
in Prague, Czech Republic
14 Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth sees you playing as Frost with Delta Force securing Russian President’s daughter, Alena Vorshevsky, from the terrorists.
If they don’t get her, President Vorshevsky will break and give Makarov the nuclear launch codes, turning Euorpe into “glass.”
Delta is supported by German tanks but they still don’t manage to secure her as they were seconds late.
You Play As Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
With Delta Force, WWIII German Military
in Berlin, Germany
15 Down the Rabbit Hole
Down the Rabbit Hole is where Delta Force and Task Force 141 co-operate to save the President of Russia, Boris Vorshevsky and her daughter, Alena Vorshevsky in a diamond mine.
You play as Yuri and it appears Frost isn’t with Sandman, Grinch and Truck… probably because they didn’t want to voice him for only one mission.
You Play As Yuri
With Disavowed Task Force 141, Delta Force
in A diamond mine in Eastern Siberia, Russia
16 Dust to Dust
Dust to Dust is the final mission in MW3 and the first time in the whole series where you get to play as Price.
You’re in the Arabian peninsula and your objective is simple — kill Makarov. You should figure out the ending by now.
You Play As Captain Price
With Yuri
in Arabian Peninsula, Hotel Oasis

121 comments on “MW3 Missions

  1. Well, all this, and I don’t see Black Tuesday? That was a confirmed Mission Beta Gameplay on E3. How is it not on here in the Missions List? You’re right, some of this info isn’t true. I have one thing to say, I most definately believe the Makarov’s death Mission, EndGame, Makarov. It sounds so good!

  2. so remember MW1 When we said cpt Price is down!!! so they depend on what person that’s people like him !!! I’m sure in MW3 they bring person like ghost and do the same thing>>>>>LIKE GAZ

      • SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!yes soap does die during the campaign of MW3. or at least it appears that way. unless there is a MW4, which i really hope there is, it appears that soap is dead, you have to leave after it appears that he is dead because BTR’s are attacking the resistance’s building. and under a hale of bullets yuri opens a door, price punches him down the stairs and the flashback sequence as described up above in the blog for the mission “Blood Brothers.”

    • 1: It is unknown how many missions MW3 has, definitely more than MW2.

      2: If you’re used to how CoD plays, you’d find MW3 better (like me) or if Battlefield then it’s BF3. They’re both amazing games, but I’d like to prefer MW3 more.

      • I have both BF3 and MW3 and I myself like MW3 better because the graphics are better.But i like BF3 because its more army like there screaming Curse words the game play is a little better but the graaphics just suck plus you have to buy a online pass code just to play online so i returned it that game was like 40 something $ its like there ripping you off. EA messed up big with that one

  3. SPOILER ALERT SPOLIER ALERT.Doesnt give a way much but just a little bit like how long the game was( i am casual gamer) and whos in it(read through some of the comments here)

    it took me just under 5 hours to complete the game,so its actually shorter than mw2, but the missions where almost all fucking epic! . its was 17 missions, and yes soap is alive. actually on the very beginning of the game in india (or somthing, i am dead tired after completing mw3 in one night and uncharted 3 the last 72 hours:P), you got to help pierce and soap out of a building(and you play as yuri, and sorry fellas ghost is dead as dead can be, atleast i didnt see him).i couldnt test online cuz it looks like they havent turned that feature on yet. but played some lan with 3 friends, and it feels really tight and smooth.(played all the medium and small maps, and the globe and teh london underground station, and the france map is already some new favourties. i got to hand it to iw that they kept all the good from mw2 and added some new nice tweaks. all in all i give this game 9.5 of 10( i really love mw2, waaay better than cod:bo.)

  4. Somewhere random online – what IW should add to the end of MW3:

    Prague, Czech Republic
    One Week Earlier

    (gasping for breath, screen is black)

    Russian Voice 1: (It’s a captain of the SAS) (in Russian)
    Russian Voice 2: (Who is it?) (in Russian)
    Russian Voice 1: (I’m not sure, but it looks like he’s dead, sir) (in Russian)
    Russian Voice 2: (Could it be Price?) (in Russian)
    Russian Voice 1: (Who’s Price, sir?) (in Russian)
    Russian Voice 2: (Bring him to hospital immediately! Keep him alive for interrogation. Makarov will surely be pleased. Move!) (in Russian)
    (shooting in background, screaming)
    Russian Voice 2: (Go! Make sure he stays alive at any cost! Aaagh!) (in Russian)
    (voices fade out)

    Two Hours Later

    (screen black, voices fade in and out, beeping)
    Voice 1: Begin the operation now.
    (voices stop)

    London, England
    Present Day

    Newscaster 1: The United States and Russia have effectively negotiated a peace treaty.
    Newscaster 2: World War III has finally ended.
    (fireworks, cheering)
    Newscaster 1: The world lies in ruins, but optimism spreads across the world, as this day marks the beginning of a new era.
    (TV turns off, silence for a while)
    (phone rings)
    Price: Hello?
    Kamarov: Captain Price, this is Kamarov. We need you to come to Prague immediately!
    Price: What for?
    Kamarov: Your friend is hurt and about to die – only miracle can save him!
    Price: Who on earth are y-
    Kamarov: I must go. See you here in three hours.

    Prague, Czech Republic
    Three Hours Later

    (walking together)
    Price: There better be a bloody good reason why I’m here.
    Kamarov: Your friend is hurt. I already tell you.
    Price: Who then? Who the bloody **** is hurt?
    Kamarov: You don’t know?
    Price: How the **** would I know?
    (entering a door)
    Kamarov: It’s Soap.
    Price: Soap? Can’t be. He’s dead, Kamarov.
    Kamarov: We took him out of the hands of the Russians. Look there. (points)
    (looks at Soap)
    Price: Soap? Soap!
    Doctor: He can’t hear you. He’s been in a coma for about a week. It’s a miracle he’s still alive.
    Price: Soap! ******, Soap! Stay alive.
    Doctor: Sir, it’s no use.
    Price: Soap!! (echoes, screen black)
    (“What the **** kind of a name is Soap?” “Gotcha! We’re all aboard! Go!” “You will be alright my friend.” “Whatever you’re going to do Soap, do it now!” “Try not to die this time, Soap.” “Soap!” “Soap!” “Soap!” “Soap!” (different voices))
    Voice: Soap!
    Soap: Price? (shakily)
    Kamarov: He spoke!
    Doctor: His vital signs are rising. (pause) After five unsuccessful surgeries in 72 hours, you just may have been the key to saving his life, sir.
    Price: Soap. ****, Soap, you’ve made it through ****.
    Soap: Price… (screen fades to black)

    London, England
    Present Day

    Speaker: With the conclusion of what will be known as World War III, I commend SAS war heroes Captain Price and Captain MacTavish and bestow on them the Medal of Honor for defending her motherland, the United States, and the world from the threat of nuclear devastation. Captain Price. Captain MacTavish. The world owes you its existence today.
    (cheering, applause)

    • Kamarov was killed in the same explosion that killed soap. he was strapped in a chair with c4 attached to it. P.S. there was c4 in the clock tower too; and price escaped after Makarov said “hell awaits you.” and before the c4 chair exploded (that c4 chair blew up half the freakin’ hotel, there is a one in ten trillion chance he could have might had a one in ten-quadrillion c hance of mabye almost being in a coma instead of dying!!!!!!!!! end of discussion!

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    • soap IS dead, where did you hear otherwise?! because that place/person/website is waaaaay wrong, he is dead. P.S. if you got that from the anonymous entry above read the first paragraph more carefuly, it clearly says that they SHOULD have added this to the end of MW3, not that they are going to. If you didn’t on the other hand, then I would stop listening to that source on all MW3 related topics….or at least double check them for your self and cross-reference it multiple times to make sure if it is just a rumor.

    • you have to get all the achievements, enemy intel, and you have to beat it on all difficulties for it to say 100% complete. P.S. I’ve beaten the campaign at least 9 times and it only says 98% complete. it takes you forever to complete it, contrary to popular belief.

    • you have to get all the achievements, enemy intel, and you have to beat it on all difficulties for it to say 100% complete. P.S. I’ve beaten the campaign at least 9 times and it only says 98% complete. it takes you forever to complete it, contrary to popular belief.

      • Fuck sake, I hope soap can be alive but he isn’t. And no, he isn’t in a coma and to achieve 100% campaign you need to finish the game on veteran, find ALL the intel and u also get 2hrs double xp for doing on veteran and a Gold trophy and a prestige token. Only works PS3 I think. Hope this helps—> subscribe to owenshaw17 on YouTube or Send me a ps3 msg @ owenshaw17 and I will keep u up to date with everything Call of Duty has to offer. P.S I am a holder of the founders status on ELITE and as I get the maps 1 month early, for every 20 subscribers I get, the 20th will get the new DLC’s 1 month early, off me. So remember to subscribe, and you could get your hands on the DLC’s 1 month early,free of charge. Please note-PS3 only

  6. mate thats really cool and interesting, but were wrong when you said the first time you ever play cpt price in modern warfare 1 you play him whilst under the supervision of cpt macmillam

  7. Um, The last mission is not the only time you play as Price in the whole series. You also play as price during the two sniper flashback missions in COD4.

  8. You play as Captain Price in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (the first Modern Warfare), in the now legendary Ghillie sniper level. Please get your facts straight or nobody will take your site seriously.

  9. Soap dies. This is due, not to the explosion, nor the building falling on him, but his knife wound from MW2 re-opening.

    Yuri dies after being impaled from a metal rod, shot in the chest and the face.

    The first time you play as Price is in MW1 when you are under the command of Captain Macmillan. He saves Macmillans live in Pripyat.

    Makarov is hanged and sent through the roof.

    Need to get your percent up by completing game on Veteran, get all enemy intel and completing the game on all difficulties!

  10. “Dust to Dust is the final mission in MW3 and the first time in the whole series where you get to play as Price.”

    Nope. Call Of Duty MW Sniper Mission “All Ghillied Up”… You play with Price.

  11. I think that it is very short game..bcoz i complete it in 6 hours only..m sad at that time bcoz i want to play more missions….:(

  12. Need to past this final area but when I get to follow makaro hi get to the helicopter n I can’t never catch him

  13. keep running hard.. and then a jump.., then bunch of “F” keys and “E” ‘s and continues.. lol..
    I’m confused.. my completion percentage is 53% in Campaign N yet i killed Markov. 😦 how does the Campaign percentage go to 100%? am i missing any missions? :O
    It said follow to solo missions and shit 😦

  14. Yo man ur info is good i am just checking it to see how much left I have to play in the campaign. But sometimes ur wrong MW3 is not the first time you get to play as price you play as him in Cod 4 in the Pryipyat Ukraine mission

  15. Wait u are all forgetting something what happened to the U.S Army Rangers in MW2 they still alive after Washington was Under attack why it already become Delta Force what happened to Sgt. Foley??? Cpl. Dunn??? Sgt. Ramirez????

  16. Incorrect, it says the first time you play as Price in the whole series. You play as Price in CoD 4 as a lieutenant, Act II missions: All Ghillied Up and One Shot, One kill. In which you crawl through Chernobly and eventually set up in a building where you attempt to kill Zakhaev, when everything goes south and your Captain is crushed by a helicopter you must carry him to the extraction

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