MW3 Maps

Here is a list of maps to be featured in Modern Warfare 3. Please remember that this is not the final list.

However, 16 maps are to come with the game’s disc and plenty more are to come via DLCs.


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Arkaden was first revealed in CoD XP during the reveal of MW3’s multiplayer and was first named Plaza 2.

Arkaden is a medium-sized Spec Ops and Survival map set in a German shopping mall in Berlin.

Expect lots of close quarter battles.

The factions battling it out is the Special Air Service (SAS) and the Spetsnaz.

SOURCE Digital Warfare 24/7


Dome is a small-sized multiplayer and Spec Ops map set in a “Derelict Cold War-era radar command bunker“. It is also considered to be the smallest map and bears a slight resemblance to Rust from Modern Warfare 2.

Dome was first seen at the end of the first Call of Duty Elite trailer, made an appearance in the Spec Ops Survival trailer, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and of course, CoD XP.

It’s Delta Force versus Spetsnaz here.

SOURCES Digital Warfare 24/7 · CoD Wiki


Underground is a medium-sized multiplayer and Spec Ops map set in an urban train station called Middleton in London, UK.

Expect different types of combat indoors, outdoors and — of course — underground.

It was teased in the Spec Ops Survival trailer before it reached public sight in XP 2011.

It’s SAS versus Inner Circle.

SOURCES Digital Warfare 24/7 · CoD Wiki


Resistance is set in theh urban streets of Paris, France playable in multiplayer and Spec Ops with a couple of houses, bridges and alleyways to make lots of different routes and expect varied combat.

In CoD XP, it was stated that the map will have grenades flying everywhere around you in those specific spots, so you have to check your corners and watch out!

France’s National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN, French: Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) fighting against the Spetsnaz.

SOURCE CoD Wiki · Digital Warfare 24/7


Village is a multiplayer and Spec Ops map set in an African village in a jungle, featuring the African militia and the PMC (Private Military Company / Contractor) waging war on each other.

It has a slight resemblance to Modern Warfare 2’s rundown, just it’s a snipers’ heaven.

SOURCE CoD Wiki · Digital Warfare 24/7



Maps will be added as more information comes. If you’ve noticed something wrong or something that you know that isn’t here, contact me.

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