MW3 Game Modes

MW3 features all the normal game modes that you’d see in Modern Warfare 2, and with some more. Below is the list and description of the new modes.

Kill Confirmed is very similar to Team Deathmatch – kill the enemy. The twist is all players will drop dogtags and to gain score, you must catch enemy dogtags. Yellow dogtags are enemy’s dogtags and red dogtags are friendly. To deny a kill, you must catch  friendly dogtags.

This mode was played in the interview with Activision by GameStop; WATCH IT NOW

Team Defender invovles you catching a flag like in Capture the Flag, and then protect the flag carrier to gain points for the team.

The following modes are exclusive to private matches.

 begins with one player being infected and killing the other players until no one is alive. Players who got killed will be in the infected team and will help hunt the remaining survivors.

Drop Zone features a team holding a Drop Zone from the other team and gaining team points and care packages for them.

Team Juggernaut invovles a Juggernaut join your team and with his help, you must kill all of the enemy team, who also have a Juggernaut. First to reach the score limit wins.

Gun Game is like the gun game mode in Black Ops. The players race to get the final gun and to get a new gun, you kill someone.

One in the Chamber features you having only one bullet and to gain another one, you must kill someone else. Three lives per person, last alive wins. Just like Black Ops.

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