MW3 Death Streaks

Death Streaks “reward” you when you die. The main purpose of this is to help you after a certain amount of deaths with different rewards.

The rewards list is below.

Streak Reward Description
4 Juiced Faster sprint for a certain duration.
4 Martyrdom Drop a live frag grenade on death.
5 Revenge Reveals the location of the enemy who killed you.
5 Hollow Points Bullets do more damage for a specific time.
6 Final Stand Stay alive with the primary weapon for a short amount of time after the next death, but you can only crawl.
6 Dead Man’s Hand Final Stand with C4.

Remember when Robert Bowling said “f*ck you, Last Stand” at CoD XP? He was asked why Final Stand returns. He replied:

One comment on “MW3 Death Streaks

  1. Regardless of how many deaths it takes, why take out last stand just to add final stand it’s the same thing only now the noob has an assault rifle instead of a pistol. WTF!!!!!!

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