Leaked Map “Overwatch” Spotted in DLC Trailer

Remember when the map “Overwatch” was leaked? Well, it’s confirmed.

In the DLC trailer, Infinity Ward gave away a preview of the map being made.

And how was it paired together? The leaked map image says”Elev. 3″ and the map in development says the exact same thing. Just rotated 90°.

Overwatch, as you can see is somewhere in New York (or New Jersey, I don’t know) looking onto Manhattan. (Before the Russians came?)

We’ve still got Morningwood. Wood in the morning.

MW3 Content Season Kicking Off With 2 Brand New Maps

Robert Bowling announced MW3’s “Content Season,” starting January 24th with 2 brand new maps. So let’s jump right in.

Liberation (formerly Park) takes place no where else in Manhattan, but Central Park. “There’s a lot of sniper sightlines, and you need to be cautious when you’re crossing. Don’t run and gun, a little bit more methodical, and that’s how you’re going to survive that round.”

Piazza (formerly Italy / Coast) has you on an Italian coast-side village. “Piazza is a different type of map altogether. It’s a very vertical chaotic route map. It’s primarily geared up towards the guys who like the really close-up run and gun. You gotta be fast.”

Relase Date
The first two maps will come on the 24th of January for ELITE (Premium) Xbox 360 subscribers. There is no word for premium PS3 gamers though.

For the majority of us who don’t have ELITE, you are able to purchase all of the maps as a map pack in March.

Not Just Maps
Infinity Ward has also confirmed that DLC Weapons and Campaign Missions are “on the table”.

Here are all the images from the upcoming DLC.

Piazza, Liberation Images Credit charlie INTEL
Trailer Screenshots Credit charlie INTEL

Activision Press Release

Unreleased MW3 Map “Coast” Found In MW3 Disc

You might remember MW3’s first DLC being leaked. Apparently, there is another map hidden in MW3 files.

Reddit user Fury Hunter found a map called Coast, which seems to be in its early development stages. This leads us to believe that it will not be packed in the first piece of DLC.

Fury Hunter has also found the loading screens of Call of Duty 4’s Strike and Crossfire. This goes with the old report of old maps being in MW3.

Also, Arkaden used to be “Plaza”, featuring a different map layout.

Source MP1st