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Greetings all, this is my first post here at TheCoDdaily, i’m currently a blogger at an independent Funny & Weird real life news stories site available here to all those interested

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But seeing as though I have a great passion for CoD i’m here to fill the void left by a very busy intensePlayer. So, what are we faced with in this exciting new DLC drop for MW3:

First of all there was a small patch released earlier this week, just before the DLC hit Xbox live elite users, which included a few minor fixes;


-Improved lag compensation
-Theater fixes
-Nerf to Striker (less powerful)
-Buff to all other shotguns (more powerful)
-Faster uploads to YouTube

PS3 players are unfortunately still waiting for the upload, and a sense of injustice and anger still remains at the recent decisions of IW and others.

Just after that update we were hit with 2 new maps (Xbox elite users). However it wasn’t long before once again we were witnessing another small update, a “hotfix” to be precise. This time Infinity Ward announced that the apparently long awaited ‘nerf’ for all automatic pistols would be released. This is an area of the game which has caused controversy for some time, with the banning of the Type 95 in some competitive CoD circles many felt as though the strength of the Akimbo machine pistols needed addressing.

So what happened?

Well, Mr. Bowling announced all automatic Akimbo weapons would receive a “50% decrease to their fire rate”.

Here’s what the new stats look like according to  DW24/7:

Weapon | Buff | Norm | Hotfix | Nerf Change [Rate of Fire]
FMG | 1223 | 913 | 612 | -33%
Skorp | 973 | 750 | 486 | -35%
G18 | 1220 | 923 | 610 | -34%
MP9 | 1200 | 811 | 600 | -26%

We also have a pretty little video to demonstrate the differences (Thanks to AppleFanatic1984):


That’s all we have to bring you for now from the CoD world, be sure to check back in the next couple of days for another article by me, and be sure to follow me on Twitter @OTWDaily and checkout the blog Off The Wall Daily


Of course lend your support to TheCoDdaily  and I will see you soon!


OTWD out.

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