6 Reasons Why Sledgehammer’s Action-Adventure Call of Duty Would Be Great

Before Sledgehammer Games was reassigned to work with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3, they were working on an Action Adventure Call of Duty. And here’s why I think that it would be great for the Call of Duty franchise.

Call of Duty needs a refresh. All the Call of Duty titles have been the same since Call of Duty 3. A yearly release, regenerative health, map packs and console-based. A refresh would be great after 5 similar games.

It would change the face of the franchise. Call of Duty wouldn’t be that big old boring shooter juggernaut (as viewed by others, especially BF fanboys) but a different type of series.

It would bring more people into the Call of Duty community. Those fans of the action-adventure genre would join the Call of Duty community and be a new fan. And more $$$ for Activision.

It would be set in a new era. Well, it’s an action-adventure game, and it’s a different series within the CoD franchise, so why set it where we’ve already been? Why World War II? Why the Cold War? Why 2016 (MW3)?

New game modes. Campaign, Multiplayer and a different type of Co-Op.

New guns. Who doesn’t like guns, eh?

What do you think?

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