Black Ops Beats MW3 by 500K Copies (in the UK)

Modern Warfare 3 might have shattered records by grossing a billion dollars in only 16 days, but it’s yet to beat Black Ops in the number of copies it sold in the same period of time.

ERA’s 2011 UK Charts show that Modern Warfare 3 only sold 2,814,609 copies between its November release and the end of December. Black Ops, however, sold 3,266,298 in the same time frame. And Modern Warfare 3 had 1 extra day to sell. (MW3 was released Nov 8, Black Ops Nov 9)

That’s a margin of 500,000 copies.

But how is this possible if MW3 broke sales records? Remember, Activision isn’t just selling the game anymore. ELITE subscriptions, XBL avatars, T-Shirts, Gaming Glasses, Xbox 360 Limited editions and many more are out on the market. Oh, and include the Hardened Edition.

And it’s not that the series is declining, it’s that the game industry in the UK is declining. It was reported that the 2011 game market declined by 13% compared to 2010.

From all of this, Activision is still getting richer and richer.

Source Digital Warfare 24/7

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