Treyarch on Gun Balance

David Vonderhaar, the Lead Gameplay Designer at Treyarch has been talking to fans about an important subject: gun balance. He also said some very bold things about the direction Call of Duty is heading.

One person asked whether adding these perks for weapons might bring diversity to the game, and he responded by saying that guns can be diverse without them.

MP1st said:

Now, considering that proficiencies were introduced by Infinity Ward in Modern Warfare 3, could this be a critique of IW’s way of doing things? Or, perhaps even a critique of the direction Call of Duty has been going in general? It seems to be the case as Vonderhaar later boldly stated, “it’s the wrong way to think about it that’s comes from years of us abusing and conditioning you, perhaps, with crap gun tuning.” This also suggests that Treyarch’s next entry could be something a little different than what we’ve come to expect of the Call of Duty franchise.

Everyone hopes that Treyarch will make a game that will become a massive hit, most likely Black Ops 2. Their next game will probably remove proficiencies as Infinity Ward did with dolphin diving, wager matches and CoD points.

Source 360 Burst

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