Iron = Fakity Fakity Fakity Fake Fake

A brand new website has popped up on the interwebz called the “Iron Wolf Project“. Iron Wolf has been associated with rumors of the next Call of Duty.

Charlie INTEL said that it was the code name for Modern Warfare 3 when it was in development, its initials, IW signaling Infinity Ward (the guys who started CoD and made MW3).

A first look at the website, you’d think it’s legitimate, but it’s a fake. Here’s four reasons.

There’s a broken link to the trailer. When you click on the link to the trailer, it’s a broken link. It only goes to “#” on the page. And of course, neither Treyarch or Activision would make this silly mistake. And it’s too soon for a trailer to the next Call of Duty.

Treyerch? Seriously?! Why would Treyarch seriously spell their name wrong?

Call of Duty®, not Call of Duty©. Activision would seriously not make this mistake. It’s a registered symbol, not a copyright symbol.

Domain details are hidden. Activision normally never hides their details in registering domains.

After all that trouble, I’m guessing the real guy who made this is saying…

If, for some reason, you still want to go to the site, click here.

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