More Info on ELITE Mobile Apps

The Beachhead Studios team was kind enough to shed some light on the questions we’ve been asking since November 8th.

1 Can we get some screenshots and maybe a video of how the app works/looks?

Soon. This will come from our PR guys first, and will be coming soon. If you search the web you will see some older screenshots. It’s changed a bit since then.

2 Can Premium Members watch ELITE TV on the apps?

That is a future goal (also for the Console App) but it is not in the cards yet.

3 What app will be released first? (iOS or Android)

I need to confirm this, but we are going for near-simultaneous release.

4 What is the status of the Android app?

(No answer)

5 What is the latest news on the iOS App?

Both are in the final stages of “load testing” where we simulate the traffic from the app as if thousands of users were using it simultaneously to help ensure that the app works on day 1. We are being very meticulous about this testing because we need to avoid the instability that you guys suffered under in November and early December.

Once this testing is complete, we will give the app the green light and it will be ready for release.

Source MW3 Forums

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