Black Ops Zombies Updated

Early last week, Activision announced it was aware of the stability issues some of its players had experienced while playing their latest iOS title, CoD Black Ops Zombies.

They were also working on a fix to resolve these issues. And it was released and now available for download on the App Store.

Other updates include:

  • Changes to the application to prevent installation on unsupported devices & OS’s. Game strictly supports iOS4 and up on 3rd gen devices and up only.
  • Overall performance improvements to address lag and stability
  • Improved connectivity to online services
  • Overall stability improvements to Zombies and D.O.A.
  • Memory savings for improved iPad / iPod Touch experience
  • Improvements to Tilt / Accelerometer controls
  • Improvements to damage and blast radius of grenades
  • Restore Default Settings restores default volumes immediately
  • If in Airplane mode user will now have error message when trying to match-make.
  • Fix for ‘fickle fated’ achievement in D.O.A.
  • Fix for Quick revive perk affecting speed of revive
  • Fixed crash in online lobby for iOS5
  • Fixes for not being able to purchase PAP ammo
  • Fixes for Rejoining Session in Progress
  • FAQ link directs to “”

“Game supports 3rd gen devices and up only.” So you can’t play it on your iPad 2 and only play it on your iPad 3? Oh, wait, there is no iPad 3. Yet.

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