[NO HACKS] Change your MW3 Custom Class Colors!

Thanks to some built-in Call of Duty ELITE features, you can customize the color of your Custom Class titles.


  1. In ELITE, view your MW3 Playercard and navigate to your custom classes.
  2. Click on which class you would like to edit, and a pop-up box should appear.
  3. Click on the pencil icon above “Primary Weapon”. This will highlight the class name and make it editable.
  4. Type a color code (below) then the name of the class.
  5. Confirm the change by clicking “Select”, which will close the pop-up box.
  6. Click “Send Changes to Game”, and wait for it to say it was a success.
  7. Load MW3’s multiplayer menu. You should be prompted to accept class changes from ELITE.
  8. Accept the changes, and you’re done!

Color Codes

^1 – Red
^2 – Green
^3 – Yellow
^4 – Blue
^5 – Light Blue
^6 – Pink
^7 – White
^0 – Black


^1 Assault Class = Assault Class
^2 Noob Destroyer = Noob Destroyer

P.S. This can also be done on ELITE console apps and probably mobile apps, like you do on the web.
P.P.S. The color codes can only be done via ELITE.

P.P.P.S. Source Digital Warfare 24/7

47 comments on “[NO HACKS] Change your MW3 Custom Class Colors!

    • It does work. You have to click send changes and then on your MW3 game you get a message asking to accept those changes made.. obviously just hit yes and there you go. If you actually typed the code in right, “^1-0 Custom Class”

    • I had the same problem. Turned out that when you use a prestige token on a gun/perk/equipment, and you are not at the level at which you would normally unlock it, then it will not let you send the changes until you change the classes so that all the parts of the classes can be used at the level that you are at. For example, if you unlocked the MP7 with a prestige token (normally unlocked at 74) and you are not at level 74 yet, then Cod Elite will think youre a hacker cuz its in your classes, and you havent officially unlocked it yet. This is what i did, and so i had to replace my MP7 class with another gun that I already had unlocked. Soo…you would simply go to your custom classes and switch the MP7 with lets say a UMP45. Then I guarantee it will work. I had the same example sooo I hope I helped. Good luck!

  1. It still works as of March 3rd 2012, but here’s the deal. If you bought something like an ACR 6.8 from the Prestige Shop and you prestiged, you can’t use it in your Elite Classes until you’ve reached the level it is unlocked. Same with perks, equipment and deathstreaks.

    • You don’t change the guns on ELITE, you change the class name. After you do that, you can change the guns on your MW3 disc and have your ACR at level 5.

  2. im prestige 13 lvl 71 and i change the colours of my classes everytime i prestige, Everytime you prestige the colour will not be there anymore.

    • I too get no prompt on PS3, is it the same codes for PS3 that XBox? Ik it works on PS3, ive seen many people with it, and while we’re on the subject, how do u get certain symbols in ur class names, clan tags, ext. and not the Alt Keys, ik those

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