ELITE to be Up and Running by December 1

Beachhead Studios have turned on the switch on ELITE’s troubled launch and what’s being done to get it back up and running properly.

Activision’s Vice President of Production Daniel Suarez spoke with Kotaku and answered several questions not seen in the FAQ.

“It’s going to take at least a couple of weeks to get ELITE operational to the standards we want, we are making progress.”

They had all sorts of issues. Beachhead had a broken registration system, poor scalability of the service, poor experience trying to login, Double XP issues and Founder Entitlement issues.
A lot of this was just core infrastructure issues – mainly tied to specific databases serving up data to the platforms.
The databases got hammered with millions trying to use ELITE and can’t cope with the demand.

The ELITE beta didn’t prepare them for this. “Due to the fact that we didn’t have a console app on Black Ops, there wasn’t a clear picture of user behavior coming from the console.
The beta helped us refine the web experience from a feature set, but really didn’t give us all the metrics at scale we needed, specifically the additional load from consoles which was higher than our expectations. This was a key contributor to performance and stability issues consumers have experienced.”

Premium members are able to login faster. “We’ve prioritized premium subscribers into the service via a prioritization queue, so if you are a paid member, you get into the console or web automatically.
Free users, due to demand, are put into a queue and allowed in when we have bandwidth or capacity.”

The plan is to get ELITE up and running by December 1. Speaking with G4TV, Daniel Suarez set the target date is December 1. “They kind of have to bear with us while we bring this all back up, but for us it’s literally ‘Give us those couple weeks, we’re giving those to you for free and come December 1 the goal is that we’ll have everything up and running.'”

On Tuesday, Activision was finally able to turn clan creation on. Within only 12 hours, they had 22,000 clans created.

The company plans to roll out iOS and Android apps for the service before the end of the month.

ELITE TV’s Friday Night Fights debut will air Friday, Nov 25.

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