Modern Wiifare 3

What’s most impressive about Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii is that the teams behind it have managed to squeeze so much of the normal version into it. And by normal, I meant PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The only limits are that multiplayer is limited to 5 versus 5 and only some of the Spec Ops content. And because it’s running on rather old software, it’s a chore to play it. Texture pop-in also occurs too often and it often drops down below 30 fps.

This is what IGN rates MWii3.

out of 10
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6.5 Presentation
Modern Warfare 3’s menus are laid out clearly and work well. The lack of Elite is disappointing, as it the ability to invite friends without “ally codes.”
6.5 Graphics
Impressive visuals for the Wii, but the realistic style take a toll on the system with constant pop-in and performance issues that hamper gameplay.
8.0 Sound
A lot has actually been done with the guns to make them sound like they have more weight. The voice acting is also well done, though I could stand for a bit less rockin’ guitars.
4.5 Gameplay
The low framerate and graphical issues make it a chore to play and screw up the smooth feeling controls. Online play could be fun, but is currently riddled with lag issues.
4.0 Lasting Appeal
Maybe if they turn around some of the issues I’ve discussed it could be fun, but I can’t wait to never play this again.


(out of 10)


Source IGN

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