Are You Having Matchmaking Issues?

If you’re having long wait times or inability to find games when matchmaking (or attempting to) in MW3, especially in a low-population country, then respond and provide answers to the question below.

The developers are working to improve matchmaking in all regions and on all platforms, and this will help them in their goal.

When matchmaking, in the top-right section of the screen it will have text explaining the process. What is displayed to you while matchmaking?

  1. “No games found.”
  2. The value changes from “50 ms” to “150 ms”.
  3. Does it eventually say “Searching for available games”?
  4. Does it ever say “Trying to join game”?

What type of router do you have?

Are you using a wireless connection?

Who is your ISP?

What type of service is it (DSL / Cable, etc)

What is their location (Region/Country)?

What is their external IP? (

What is their NAT type? (Strict/Moderate/Open)

Are you attempting to matchmake in Multiplayer or Special Ops?

What platform are you playing on?

What is your gamertag / PSN ID / Steam ID? (optional)

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