Is ELITE Worth It?

Call of Duty ELITE*, the optional MW3 add-on, dubbed “Call of Duty’s Facebook” promises additional features, free DLCs and statistical analysis of your gameplay above and beyond in-game analysis. But is Elite* worth buying?

The obviously short answer is no, unless you intend on buying all DLCs for MW3. ELITE* members are allowed to download MW3 DLCs free-of-charge, and that’s the only real reason you’d get it. Otherwise, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

Elite is NOT integrated into the game. Whenever you launch ELITE via MW3, you have to quit the game to enter it. This might not seem like a big deal at first like One Man Army was, but in Black Ops you could access your recent games and summary from the game lobby, in your playercard. What a nuisance. This also happens vice versa.

Elite contains features that were FREE in Black Ops. Believe it or not, the most advanced stats in ELITE were in Black Ops. Black Ops’s advanced career statistics (your Career Summary, Recent Matches, Custom Classes and Leaderboard Tracker) aren’t really that different to ELITE’s.

The service is often down or has problems. You may have encountered the problem ending in “Returning to title screen.”  Elite also sometimes randomly signs you out of PlayStation Network: “Error: you are not signed in to PlayStation Network. Returning to the title screen.” Plus, the recent registration surge made the servers crashed due to unexpected amount of people — they should’ve been prepared for 10 million people registering at once.

It has features no one really cares about. Do you really care about when you’ll hit prestige mode? ELITE features the “Level Calculator”, which estimates when you’ll hit prestige based on your past performance. This won’t really help you improve. And I think it’s on the “Improve” section.
If you remember, people didn’t think they needed the iPad, but now, they know they do — Apple pulled it off there but Activision didn’t really do that here.

ELITE is basically an expensive playercard. ELITE is really another Activision cash grab enticing the players to re-open their wallets after buying the already great game.

Not so elite here. ELITE free is good enough anyway.

* Premium ELITE monthly subscription.

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