9 comments on “What Do You Rate MW3 Out of 10?

  1. Worse MW ever, the last one was bad from start to finish but this one… Maybe I was looking forward to this to much, my expectation was very high and now I have played it. It is rubish on all levels, the main game is to short and the storyline is still the same and is lets face it rubbish, the special ops and extra ops crap is so complicated to start I just gave up… I need to have friends join me etc, what if I wanted to play it alone? The online game I have played five times, first time 3 hrs, 2nd 1:15:00, 3rd 00:30:00 4th, 00:30:00 and just now 00:10:00. You have all the same goofballs who have no life, they sit there for a week after it comes out and just play it over and over, this causes a massive inbalance. This added to the fact that the game has not changed (apart from the maps) since the start, so for those of us with a life who don’t want to sit there for 24hrs playing a game, we end up walking round being killed. I just went two games without a kill and only two assists, I died about 60 times. I use pistols and anything other than a stupid rifle. The main reason why the game has gone wrong, weapons they have made the rifle to easy to use and every other weapon in effective, so you use a riffle or die…. I bought this and say with no hesitation I will never buy another MW and this one is being trade tomorrow and I will never play it again. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ANOTHER ONE, YOU SHOULD HAVE STOPPED AT PERFECTION WHICH WAS MW2.

  2. i dont care what other people say

    i played every call of duty that excists (even cod 3)

    and this cod is still fun to play.
    i loved the campaign. cause i wanted to know how it ended. cause its mw3 right? IT SHOULD GO FARTHER WHERE MW2 ENDED YOU IDIOT XD.
    i love the graphigs. they are still the same. wich is good. alot of people had lag with black ops. Nobady is gonna have much game lag with these graphigs. they look nice and fancy. not rubbisch and laggy

    the multiplayer. i love the guns and maps. im playing alot with friends in parties. They love MW3 too

    and the spec ops. best i’ve ever played =3 survival mode is just like zombies. but then no zombies. i love the way of purchasing weapons and buying upgrades =D

    I dont know why you people are hating it. I love it 100%

  3. i played MW3 on first day expecting it to be like the best multiplayer experience, but sadly they brought back the same crappy game play from cod 4 in, it contains so many bugs its not funny it took to grenades to kill somebody and i actually got a hit maker with a F’in KNIFE like cmon and somehow u can dodge a RPG in mid air by ducking, same with bullets. Not only did they have an overload of bugs but they pretty much have a random spawn system no there is no enemy side ally side like in MW2 now its more like guerrilla warfare, i really think the only good things of this game are campaign, dedicated servers , and the strongest thing survival which it a combination of zombies and horde i am definetly considering selling this a trading for battle field 3.

  4. Worse first person shooting game ever;
    Spawn points sucks ass!!
    Flashbang and concusgrenade, overpowerd aswell as the helicopters.
    Maps not fun!
    to many glitches.

    Infinity Ward what where you thinking? getting some money with a bad game? and leave it like that? no patches? no re-invent? Seriously guys! Your image is going down, Black Ops is a good game!! take a look at that!

    Infinity Wars, what where you thinking?
    ‘Ooooh lets put some profiencies on the weapons and restyle the menu and the campaign and then…. mmm. .. lets see.. i can t think of anything else…. mmmm.. oh yea ofc, lets selll this piece of crap!!

    You guys dissapoint me!!

  5. And no.. battle field fan?? Never!! COD is a masterpiece concept, they just screw up the MW3 thing! Seriously Infinity Ward i thought you where better then this!!

  6. I have played ALL COD games i like the COD Concept so much but Infinity, you guys….

    MW, ok MW 2 ok and annoying —-> MW3 worse game of Infinity Ward EVER! Didnt you play Black Ops? And did you played MW3?
    MW3 (Infinity Ward & Sledgehammer) Your image and respect of all the gamers in the world is going down!!! Seriously what are you thinking?

    ”Lets make a new game, dont mind what other shooters are like out there in the world, no we just want to have money… so We Infinity are putting some profiencies on the weapons change the lay-out of the menu, we screw up all the spawn points, and above that we make helicopters overpowered….flashbang overpowered and concussion-nade aswell.. not being able to move like 5 sec is not realistic!! Seriously it is not very thought through right Infinity?’

    oh the maps we screw them up aswell, and lets see, what else?…. mmm… ok…. and then we sell the piece of crap!! With the money we all go to the beach, and enjoy live, cus MW3 doesnt need patches? New Maps? Gitches taken out? Stupid Infected Game Mode, whats up with that? Wanna be Zombies? not working!! To many glitches…. and its waste of time! ”

    Guys of Infinity Read Your Customers Review On The Internet!! EVERY WERE!

    btw; Get ride Off The Freaking Campers!! Put A BAN Up for the campers, when they standing even for 2 sec in a corner a message will pop up, that the player will die if he doenst move, do you know where this is coming from? COD 2!! Homemade gamers with maps are coming with this, years ago!! Why dont you guys use it!! Go have a look at HALO, they will even bann you for a hour or minutes i dont know, when you are screwing up others ppl games, going in and out, take a look at that will ya!? LEARN! Evolve! Dont screw up!

    But i guess and i hope, that you come with a amazing cod game in a few years, and i hope you guys listen to gamers because we are right! You have to learn from us and watch to other games, so infinity, lets PUT ALL THE MONEY YOU EARNED FROM THE WORSE GAME EVER YOU BUILD AND PUT IT IN RESEARCH NOW INTO A GAME THATS COMMING OUT IN A FEW YEARS< AND MAKE IT KICK ASS AWESOME!!

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