Do You Hate Call of Duty? You’re stupid.

Among many of those who label themselves as a “gamer”, there is no other franchise more reviled than Call of Duty. A slight mention of the game sends people into assault-debate-weird geek mode with anonymous comments shooting the game on what’s wrong with video games to date.

Almost all of the comments section on websites (Except this one, woo-hoo!) on Earth has this garbage. People talking about why the series is popular, why are there updates to titles, mocking its design and assailing people who enjoy it.


There’s nothing wrong with the franchise. Everyone has different tastes in gaming, and something that might constrain someone to be waiting in a line all night or to get a good night’s sleep. Some people will like it, others won’t. That’s life.

But there’s something wrong with hating Call of Duty, especially people who happen to bury themselves this time of year. What drives you to hate a game? It’s a question that has baffled people, much like it did Lisa Simpson when she wondered “why do people come all this way just to boo us?” Waste of money.

There may be an answer to this: you don’t really hate Call of Duty, you just enjoy being an obnoxious snob.

Maybe you preferred when video games were “uncool”. Maybe you feel all the attention it’s getting is somehow unfair. Maybe the people enjoying the game aren’t the people you hang out with, online or in real life and don’t fit your “gamer” assumption.

It could be any of those, a combination, or something else — it doesn’t matter. Hating Call of Duty is part of your identity.

The thing is, the identity you’re clinging on to is bull. You can’t own a passion for a medium or hope to dictate its tastes by whining about it. People don’t walk around calling themselves “moviers” and pretend they’re the only ones allowed to watch films. (I think I’ve had that fantasy back in my childhood… awkward.) Everybody watches movies, some more than others with their own likes and dislikes.

Just let it go, you’re not preserving anything. What if millions (probably 7+ million) enjoy a video game and you don’t? Let them. Raining on their parade every November thinking it’d stop them won’t. You know that.

You’re just going to look like an asshole.

Source Kotaku

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