[UPDATE] Call of Duty: MW3 – Reviews Are In

MW3 just released yesterday, and of couse, reviews are in. The press, and 10 million other people in the world have played MW3 for hours now, some skipping sleeps and the verdict is

IGN 9.0, “Amazing”

NowGamer 8.8, “Best Call of Duty since 2007.”

GameTrailers 9.3

Joystiq 4.5/5

CVG 9.0, “The campaign is bombastic bordering on bewildering, but the rest of the (gargantuan) package is typically life-consuming stuff.”

Destructoid 9.5, “Superb: 9s are a hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won’t cause massive damage to what is a supreme title in its *genre*.”

GameInformer 9.00, “Gold”

Edge Magazine 9, “One hell of a package.”

Giant Bomb 4/5, “Modern Warfare 3 feels split between the great excitement of its time-tested multiplayer and the feeling that this whole style of game has just gotten old.”

1UP A-, “Like a pair of Converse shoes, classic COD concepts get better with age.”

EuroGamer 8, “A Call of Duty campaign is nothing these days without a sprinkling of ‘holy s***!’ moments.”

GameSpot 8.5, “Modern Warfare 3 sticks to its competitive, cooperative, and single-player guns and reminds you why the series is one of the best in the business.”

G4TV 5/5, “The ground rumbles beneath my feet as I step out into the hazy daylight. The streets of lower Manhattan are a mess, but a loud noise from above immediately draws my attention to the sky-scraping rooftops in front of me.”

OXM 95/100, “MW3 Absolutely delivers.”

A model (presumably) 100, “You have to get it!”

Those are really good reviews, but of course, for me, it’s an 11/10.

Source Digital Warfare 24/7, charlie INTEL, Jacob Dolezal, and the multiple other sources listed above

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