[UPDATE] CoD ELITE: Day One, Login Problems

[UPDATE] Beachhead Studios has an upadate, and Chacko Sonny says that the team is busting ass on very little sleep.

You may skip a sleep to get in on the epic new game, Happy Feet Two Modern Warfare 3. Beachhead and Activision are doing it too, not for the same reason, but to fix Call of Duty ELITE. Pronto.

I went nuts before I read this, I thought Activision cancelled my account because of a previous “leak.”

It’s difficult to launch an epic game with a mega community (probably larger than Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers, hopefully) plus a service built from scratch (and one more thing) worldwide. Give them time. Didn’t I say they’re skipping a sleep?

12 comments on “[UPDATE] CoD ELITE: Day One, Login Problems

  1. yea well i have a problem, i entered the wrong email address into it and now i can’t activate my elite can somebody tell me if it’s possible to change my password

  2. I have the same problem at the end of my email I put .com but my email ends in .co.uk so now I cant get the activation email but somehow on the internet I have put in the correct email made an accound but when you have to link your ps3 or xbox it says my ps3 is linked with another account so it must be the .com account need help asap

    • Try logging in again, though you might not be able to login because of limits to keep ELITE running. I didn’t get to login via elite.callofduty.com, but I did via my console. Try other platforms as well.

  3. ya me to im kinda pissed to. i entered my girlfriends email but yahoo is fuckin gay and telling us that the account does not even exist! what the fuck ever someone needs to fuckin do something about this. I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO CHANGE MY ACCOUNT ACTIVATION EMAIL. but no cant cause ELITE SUX DICK! NOT REALLY JUST KINDA PISSED! But really thay shold of known this would happen to people they need to fix this shit

  4. can somebody help me, i accidently put in the wrong email and now i can’t activate my account, as the email i put in does’t exist

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