Who is Sandman Really?

The voice of the most anticipated game of all time’s Delta Force’s head, Sandman’s voice actor isn’t Law & Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni as IMDb previously reported.

“So who is it then?” Good question. It is none other than the guy from Black Hawk Down, Date Night, Prison Break, Armageddon and Blades of Glory, William Fichtner.

IGN had an interview with Fichtner, which you can read fully here.

5 comments on “Who is Sandman Really?

  1. SANDMAN is leader of a Delta force with Frost,Grinch,and Truck. In “Black Tuesday” he led his team to take out a Russian coms jammer in NY blocking all help,EVAC,and wounded calls. “Hunter Killer”: SANDMAN,Grinch,and Frost are in old NY Kill-Zone heading to Rally-point Alpha going to meet with a SEAL team and truck. Once the mines go up, SANDMAN and Frost get to the control room of the missle sub and turn the missle’s on the Russian fleet. (Fighter Pilot: bomb-breakaway in 3,2,1… shells away, Green light’s a go, your clean for EVAC SANDMAN, all missle’s away…9-2 HAWX team fall back, bingo fuel, $ team out).

  2. SANDMAN was befor a Delta force leader, a marine who fought beside the american army. Once SANDMAN was eventualy ranked to an Army commando, befor Gary Roach… he fought beside the brave Soap,Ghost,and Price out in Iraq,Africa,Afganistan,and Russia (op KingFish: a picture of Ghost,Soap,Price,and SANDMAN in probly Iraq or Afganistan). soon SANDMAN found 3 bold men: Frost,Grinch,and Truck. All low intel,brave,tough,high-class-shots…worthy of a Delta force commando team. SANDMAN is worthy of such a noble commando team.

  3. SANDMAN used to be an Army sniper in Iran,Iraq,Afganistan,Russia,and Nevada. He was a sniper until he had a choice to stay one or be a commando, soon he chose to take a commando team as leader.

    SANDMAN: Sniper Naration: bogie, 14 clicks out. on mark 9-2… 1,2,3… mark! Stay frosty boys this is Afganistan, Cobra team move up we got your 12. Rattler tanks move with Cobra. your clear, green lights a go we got yorr 6.

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