MW3 Info from the GameSpot Livestream

You may remember the one-hour long Gamespot livestream. Robert Bowling was there and well, you know, they talked about Modern Warfare 3. Of course, Bowling would give information out.

  • To get gold camo for a weapon, fully level up that weapon.
  • There is no “dolphin dive,” but there is a drop to prone.
  • There are guns that are exclusive to Spec Ops, and vice versa with MP.
  • The team at IW is watching for cheaters and boosters, and they have several tools at their disposal to deal with people who cheat. For instance, your rank might simply be frozen and you can never level up. They might reset your rank or block you completely. The message is clear: Don’t mess.
  • We played a match of Team Defender, which felt a bit like Headquarters (two teams heading for the same target) but also a bit like “kill the man with the flag” (the target is mobile and attached to a player). Robert explained that you get double points for kills while your team holding the flag, but you don’t get any team points for how long you hold the flag.
  • When he plays, Robert likes the killstreak of reaper, assault drone, and predator missiles; for assault rifles, it’s the ACR and FAD. Try ‘em out and see if you like them too.

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