How to Play MW3 Early 2: Buy It, Legally

Kotaku (yes, I did say Kotaku but I don’t mean the leaks) have posted an image of a copy of MW3 and a reader that had purchased it in a Tampa, Florida Kmart store (left). Then it popped up on eBay and Craiglist. Then all these leaks were on YouTube… you know.

How were people getting these copies of MW3 before 11.8.11? Kmart.

It turns out the shipments of MW3 sent to Kmart came in boxes said to put it out immediately. Normally it would say when it would release, or this is how I’d do it.

Unfortunately, if you were going to buy it, it’s too late. No more Kmarts are selling. Too bad 😛 .

Source Kotaku

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