Robert Bowling Confirms the Prestige Shop Opens Day 1 if…

Robert Bowling has confirmed the Prestige Shop opens on day 1 if you already have tokens.

You may be thinking, “How the hell do you get tokens before day one?” First, you must have prestiged in either CoD4, World at War, MW2 or Black Ops. Each game you’ve prestiged in earns you a token. Then you should look like one of these happy guys:

And here’s a couple more questions answered by Robert.

  • Campaign is focused on the single player cinematic experience.
  • There are going to be midnight launch events worldwide, not sure which will be streamed.
  • Reconfirmed that ELITE gives you all the DLC
  • Kick is a weapon proficiency that allows you to reduce kick on the weapon its assigned to, so you have less recoil
  • Its very fast paced, like Modern Warfare 2
  • MW3 will feature hot-fixes
  • Juggernauts are worn down slowly until you’re dead
  • Your pointsreak never resets when using the Support Strike Package
  • There is no cut off on when you can prestige in previous COD games to get tokens for MW3
  • Each custom class can have different Strike Package assigned
  • Attachments unlock naturally as you progressively rank up
  • Veteran Option in the prestige shop is an exclusive set of emblems and titles for your callsign.
  • Choosing an item in “Unlock Gear” keeps it unlocked permanently
  • Gun Game, One in a Chamber, Infection, and others are to Private Match
  • Reconfirmed MW3 has online spiltscreen
  • The only way to have Assassin users show up on Radar is to tag them with Recon or Recon Pro.
FAQ Source charlie INTEL

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