Pirated MW3 Discs are Spreading…

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 won’t appear in shelves until November 8, but pirates have already acquired copies of the game, as VentureBeat has learnt.

The PC version of the game, at least part of it, has been circulating among pirates in the United States who illegally copy and share it without paying Activision Blizzard or its retailers.

This is a huge problem as it is expected to sell 20 million copies in 2011 alone according to Aracida Research. That, equals $1.2 billion retail sales.

Piracy has always been a problem with games, especially PC titles. This time, the pirates went for Call of Duty — the big prize. I’m sorry, I meant, ripping of part of Activision’s $1.2 billion. Activision Blizzard closely monitors manufacturing of the game, as it takes just one copy for piracy hell to break loose. The hardest part? Stopping inside jobs.

These pirated discs spread quickly because an employee at a shipping warehouse in California stole one disc. It’s not clear how many full copies spread this way, as only Disc 2 of a two-disk set was stolen. Security may have been to tight for the other disk to be stolen. This has also happened for the last two titles of Call of Duty.

A pirate who has been caught before posted a message yesterday on Craiglist, saying:

If u buy modern warefare before release date you will be fined $5000 and court cost permanent suspention from online play and more so dont buy that shit, i already went thru it…

So that guy was banned from online play, and doesn’t know how to spell interesting.

Oh, and here is the site from the people who say you can buy it: http://modernwarfarethreebetatest.tk/. I recommend you put it on mute before it opens.

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