MW3 Prestige Shop Video is Revealing…

The latest behind the scenes / explanation video by Robert Bowling is about the Prestige Shop. And it’s revealing something. Something BIG.

So what did it reveal? Please wait…

Okay, I’m back.  Dammit! Spinning wheel of death.

And that was a brief explanation of my short absence. Anyway, here is what it did reveal:

  • 80 levels per prestige
  • 10 prestiges
  • each prestige is 1 token
  • you can use your tokens any time you want
  • eight prestige rewards, including:
    • double XP for 2 hours
    • double weapon XP
    • regular package
    • unlock gear – take one weapon with you through the next prestige
    • hardened package
    • veteran package
    • reset all stats
  • everyone who prestiged in Black Ops, MW2, WaW or CoD4 will receive a free prestige token!
  • double XP weekend on October 27th for Black Ops and MW2

I repeat, Double XP incoming October 27th. Heading your way, Black Ops and MW2.

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