Someone in Australia has stolen a brand new copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, unboxed it and posted it onto YouTube.

“Oh really?” you ask? I’ve got proof.

The original video of this was deleted by Activision due to a copyright claim. Says much? Well, why would Activision take down a video if it’s fake?

Two, it was said to be stolen from EB Expo 2011 in Australia’s Gold Coast, where you were able to play Multiplayer before it even released, like CoD XP. Proof?

“Oh, it’s too good to be true. Activision took the video down. Now nobody can see it.” Not.

While the original video may have been copyright claimed by Activision, there’s still hope. I found an, let’s say, “alternative” link.

Watch it while you can, Activision will take it down. Actually, there are a few other links remaining…

[UPDATE] The person who made this video has apologized to Activision and said it was fake.

successful troll is successful looks like activision found him sooooo quick hahaha

ive been chatting with the kid and heres one of his messages to me

Re: hey
Yeah they did. When I woke up I was told to google my video, saw pages and pages of forum links talking about it and when I checked my email the video had been taken down and Activision had notified me that they had my ip and the accounts I had on a couple sites. They also told me to hand the game to my local police station.

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