MW3 DLC Release Plans

With MW3 releasing in less than a month, there is some clarification on how DLC rolls out. This is just speculation and info gathered from various sources including the GT.TV epsiode so it’s subject to change.

DLCs will start being released as they are made and the first DLC should hit January 2012. You may remember this post which makes January 3 a possibility.

The DLC will be released to Xbox Premium ELITE Members first. After, it will be released to PS3 Premium ELITE Members.

Once an amount of content is released, it will be put together into one map pack, and released to Xbox non-ELITE members and then PS3 non-ELITE members will get it last.

Infinity Ward’s executive producer Mark Rubin also hinted the possibility of campaign mission downloads and even weekly maps for Elite when interviewed on GT.TV earlier this week.

Order of Releases

  1. Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members weekly
  2. PS3 ELITE Premium members weekly
  3. Xbox 360 non-ELITE Premium map pack
  4. PS3 non-ELITE Premium map pack
* PC Elite is to be determined.

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