CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Developers Playing MW3 on Xbox LIVE!

We are all aware, or should be, that MW3 went gold a few weeks ago but that doesn’t mean it was completed. Microsoft and Sony had to certify the game and then copies would have been made and shipped.

It appears the game had passed certification and the first copies have been created.

A forum member of DW24/7 had noticed Bowling playing five Spec Ops levels: Invisible Threat, Little Bros, Stay Sharp, Milehigh Jack and Hit N Run.

Along with Spec Ops, he managed to fit in some time on Single Player playing Prologue and Dust to Dust.

He was caught In a Party for about an hour so either servers aren’t up or no one else was online.

Unfortunately, his Xbox LIVE profile is restricted meaning only friends can see his games library or what he’s playing now.

A few other devs have done the same so it’s likely Bowling isn’t the only one with a copy of a game or a practice disc.

@charlieINTEL has caught Bowling in the act:

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