QUICK NEWS: MW3 Character Customization? Nah-uh-uh!

Modern Warfare 3 will not carry the legacy of character customization featured in Black Ops. Bowling addressed fan questions about this feature, and it focuses on gameplay customization rather than character customization.

Bowling said that customization is focused on things like “loadouts, gameplay and weapon camos.” While character customization wasn’t the greatest feature in Black Ops, it did allow you to distinguish yourself on the battlefield with customizable face paint.

While MW3 won’t head directly the same path as Black Ops, it will be released with Black Ops’ hugely popular theater mode, allowing you to capture video and screenshots directly from the game and post a 30-second clip to YourTube. All revealed about that is it will have some “improvements.” I wonder if they’re the same as the engine they’re using…

You just can’t argue. Modern Warfare is Modern Warfare, Black Ops is Black Ops. Infinity Ward is Infinity Ward, Treyarch is Treyarch.

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