121 Questions with Robert Bowling

Robert Bowling answers 121 questions about MW3.

1. crecenteb: Does that include no Stopping Power as a Team Perk or just as a solo perk?

Robert Bowling: @crecenteb There is no Stopping Power period. We also have no such thing as ‘team perks’. All other #MW3 MP details remain undisclosed.

2. smashman206: Can u confirm if they are gonna be nukes or not?? I already pre-ordered but I would be very disappointed with no nukes….

Robert Bowling: @smashman206 Then I’m sorry, you may be disappointed, because there are no nukes in #MW3.

3. JabbaTheSmutt: Just the original MP5, then I shall play it forever… 🙂

Robert Bowling: @JabbaTheSmutt I’ve got good news for you, we ARE bringing back the original MP5 from COD4, updated visually of course for #MW3.

4. jetminor: Can placed equipment be picked back up? Such as claymore, C4 and trophy system. #MW3

Robert Bowling: @jetminor Yes sir. You can pick up and move equipment after its placed, great for the Portable Radar.

5. PhobicPyro: Charging for CoD along with XBL subscription, you corporate assholes sicken me, screwing over the consumer once again

Robert Bowling: @PhobicPyro I think you may have misunderstood it. 1) There is no charge to play #MW3 2) Elite is a free service in addition to paid add-ons

6. JGplaysguitar: Can you assure us that this game will be as good on ps3 as xbox? Unlike black ops… also please dumb down noob tubes.

Robert Bowling: @JGplaysguitar Yes, making sure that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of #MW3 run at the same high standard and quality is extremely important.

7. Saxguy101: I’ve heard word that Infinity Ward is making the multiplayer for MW3, after all. Is this true?

Robert Bowling: @Saxguy101 Correct. Every aspect of #MW3 is being co-developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. SP / MP / Spec Ops included.

8. sonico11: Hey Rob – any chance this time around that we’re going to see unique Spec Ops missions and not rehashed campaign missions?

Robert Bowling: @sonico11 Spec Ops in #MW3 is massive containing some of everything, from missions to survival mode using MP locations, SP locations, & more

9. koedyb: By progressive ranking does that mean you get level rank like in MP?

Robert Bowling: @koedyburkel Yes sir, Spec Ops will have its own progressive ranking system allowing you to unlock weapons, gear, killstreaks #MW3 #survival

10. AKidNamedZak: If you pay for cod elite, wont that put the elite players at an advantage to the non-paying player during multiplayer gaming?

Robert Bowling: @AKidNamedZak No, every #MW3 player has access to the same weapons, perks, equipment. ELITE is a service out of the game.

11. djowatts: Sounds good. One thing I wanna know is if the paying subscribers will get any perks that give them in play superiority?

Robert Bowling: @djowatts Absolutely not, you can not buy in-game items. That’s not what the service is about. In-game, every #MW3player is the same.

12. MrDubbot: Any and I mean any #grenade launchers in #mw3 and you’ve ruined the game and I won’t buy it! They’re not skillfull, fun or fair

Robert Bowling: @MrDubbot Grenade launchers are a valuable tool in modern arsenals. There is no doubt they need rebalancing from MW2, but not removal. #MW3

13. TouffedePoil360: Can we play Survival Mode offline?

Robert Bowling: @TouffedePoil360 Yes. Play it offline, online, with a friend, solo, with a stranger via matchmaking, splitscreen. However you want.

14. krazybakers: Does survival mode have different difficulties like Normal, hardened, & veteran or does it just run on normal difficulty?

Robert Bowling: @krazybakers You can’t set difficulty in Survival, it gets progressively more difficult as you get to later waves.

15. MW3BOSS: Will you be able to buy turrets, killstreaks and equipment with points in survival ?

Robert Bowling: @MW3BOSS Yes, with the currency you gain in a Survival Round, you’ll be able to buy all that for that session only.

16. Tweekz8up365: I assume their will be leaderboards 4 survival mode, will your record be recorded to leaderboards if you play solo?

Robert Bowling: @Tweekz8up365 Oh yeah. There are solo and team leaderboards in Spec Ops.

17. Mikey4800: I have 2 questions for MW3, will there be dolphin diving?! and i NEED more game modes for multiplayer! will there be any?

Robert Bowling: @Mikey4800 There’s no dive to prone in #MW3 but I can’t talk about MP specifics yet, but there are new modes.

18.DaCostaHugo: No knife changes? 😦

Robert Bowling: @DaCostaHugo There are. Reduced lunge and removed Commando.

19. Locster60: Will MW3 have zombies?

Robert Bowling: @Locster60 No zombies in #MW3 although we do have a very different style of co-op in our new infinite wave based Spec Ops Survival mode.

20. xiStealth: Apparently there’s a killstreak called ballistic vests that gives your team 20% more health? what the fuck..

Robert Bowling: @xiStealth It’s a vest that comes in a care package that you can throw out for a teammate to put on. Great to support guy going for the cap.

21. vasodys: What’s included in the hardened edition of MW3 for PS3?

Robert Bowling: @vasodys The hardened box, the field journal, a premium theme for your PS3, a year of ELITE and founders status.

22. jamie1051: Hey Robert, I am colour Blind. Can you tell me how MW3 Helps this with the New Option.

Robert Bowling: @jamie1051 Yes it does, we have a color blind assist mode in #MW3. It changes all green / red indicators to orange / blue.

23. GrizzlyBeardz: With the Reaper, do you control all five predator missiles? Or is it like the AC-130, where you guide the shots from the air?

Robert Bowling: @GrizzlyBeardz You’re guiding the shot from the air.

24. Demonify :What exactly does reset all stats do?

Robert Bowling: @Demonify Takes you back to rank 1 so you can do everything all over again. It was a major request by our max rank max prestigers.

25. AiMx_Joker: I seen that the level cap in MW3 is 80 now. Is it going to be easier or take up less time to level up?

Robert Bowling: @AiMx_Joker The curve is different and less of a grind at the end than it was in MW2

26. Singhx73: Will there be any disadvantage for using a grenade launcher?

Robert Bowling: @Singhx73 Yes, it’s fairly weak and doesn’t get much ammo. Not useful as a main weapon.

27. bmeservey: Gear for prestige shop, do you get to pick extra weapons to start with next go around? Can you earn more than one proficiency?

Robert Bowling: @bmeservey Yeah, you choose something to carry over with you at the start of your next prestige. Only 1 proficiency per weapon at a time.

28. Jarsh019: How is the little robot moving turret going to be balanced?

Robert Bowling: @Jarsh019 It can easily be taken out by EMP, shooting it, frags and moves slow.

29. ViB3Z_KiNG: What is the prestige shop?

Robert Bowling: @ViB3Z_KiNG It’s a shop that unlocks after 1st prestige where you can use prestige points earned by prestiging to unlock useful features.

30. TheaMAZEingGuy: And on the strike packages, when you die with the package that gives you extra perks, will you keep them the whole game?

Robert Bowling: @TheaMAZEingGuy Only the Specialist Package does that and no, you lose them all everytime you die and start your streak over again.

31. Mossypne:  If i buy Elite separate to The Hardened edition do i still get all the dlc people who get the Hardened edition will?

Robert Bowling: @Mossypne Yes. Elite subscribers get all DLC free regardless of when and how they subscribe.

32. skinsfan314: Number of maps at release

Robert Bowling: @skinsfan314 16 maps on the disc and you eventually own the DLC after your subscription ends (if subscribed a year I believe).

33. theoneninefive: So killstreaks kills counts toward to your other kill streaks? ex. 2 kills from Predator missle earns you attack helicopter.

Robert Bowling: @theoneninefive Only in the assault strike package, not in the Support or Specialist strike packages.

34. DannyTowes: I know you read everyone so will headquarters be on multiplayer?

Robert Bowling: @DannyTowes Yes, Headquarters is still in #MW3

35. The_gibbymanx: If you take a teammates tag in kill confirmed, who get’s the kill? as people would follow good players round stealing tags 😦

Robert Bowling: @The_gibbymanx Whoever put the enemy down gets the kill and both players get the XP for the tags.

36. krazybakers: Question – Is combat training still in MW3? & if so is there any improvements in it what so ever?

Robert Bowling: @krazybakers No Combat Training, we use Spec Ops Survival for the same purpose (to intro into MP mechanics) in our own way.

37. Ninosssssssss: Hey Rob, when u have the juggernaut, can u shoot or is it only the shield you play with? Please reply. Thanks! #Mw3 ftw!!

Robert Bowling: @Ninosssssssss Both Juggernauts have weapons, although the Recon Juggernaut only has a secondary, Riot Shield is primary for it.

38. jimbohurt: Is there any hidden thing like you must be 10th prestige to max a gun? Or can a zero prestige lvl 80 have a gold gun?

Robert Bowling: @jimbohurt Weapon ranks are unrelated to your main rank, so you can max rank any weapon just by using it, regardless of your rank.

39. maceMAN123: So was everything we saw in mw3 final now or are you still adding more stuff to the game ?

Robert Bowling: @maceMAN123 Everything you seen is fundamentally the same as it will be at launch, but were always balancing and tweaking based on feedback.

40. Mrskidmark15: Are most of the maps inside or outside primarily?

Robert Bowling: @Mrskidmark15 There’s a good variety of both.

41. Bobthadestroyer: I was curious will #Mw3 have a Report cheaters/Boosters function in game like #Blackops? will you guys be Banning them for it?

Robert Bowling: @Bobthadestroyer yes and yes. We have an in-game report player function and will be moderating those reports to ban players.

42. iWesty: Can’t you see a problem with someone using Recon Pro, Assassin Pro, Dead Silence Pro?

Robert Bowling: @iWesty They just gave up a lot to be silent / unnoticeable. Something that can easily be countered. MP = variety of playstyle to counter

43. RivalNightmare: Did you really have to add that 18+ thing?

Robert Bowling: @RivalNightmare Legal is assholes.

44. lovemegenie: I pre ordered the hardened edition. Is it worth the extra cash and will I get all DLC map packs free?

Robert Bowling: @lovemegenie Yes, because the Hardened Edition comes with a year of ELITE and ELITE includes all DLC.

45. shilalydawg: Are the streaks stackable?

Robert Bowling: @shilalydawg Yes, Pointstreaks stack and you can scroll through which to call in first using the D-pad.

46. skar: How will the weapon and attachments unlocking go? Just like MW2 (grinding)? Or more like Black Ops (buying attachments)?

Robert Bowling: @skar Weapons unlock as your player progresses, similar to MW2, however attachments unlock per weapon as you rank up that weapon.

47. marshallavfc: I am confused with how the new killstreaks work, how are points streaks worked out

Robert Bowling: @marshallavfc You get points for objectives, every 2 assists (w/ Hardline Pro), and kills of course.

48. LegendaryKarlos: Big fan of Cod. Just wondering if 2 claymores makes a return to multiplayer?

Robert Bowling: @LegendaryKarlos Currently you only get 1 by default.

49. ZacField2: Will there be a deathstreak-less Playlist? and if not, will you ever consider adding one?

Robert Bowling: @ZacField2 You can create your own playlists in Private & restrict whatever you want. I’m also pushing for a specialty playlist with no DS.

50. Mw3__: I just got a nuke using c4 and a riot shield. You’ve gotta put challenges in #mw3 for crazy shit like that hahah

Robert Bowling: @Mw3__ We’re introducing new challenges all the time in the game now, with daily and weekly challenges. So the possibility is there!

51. DestructiveBns: To unlock camos do need a certain number of headshots? Please no that’s only making people want to boost

Robert Bowling: @DestructiveBns No Camos are unlocked normally by ranking up the weapon.

52. CprlRst: What anti cheat will pc be running?

Robert Bowling: @CprlRst We’re using Steamworks, which includes VAC, but have also done a lot of security work on the back end to address cheating.

53. EvilLincoln: How is the XM25 launcher balanced? It seems like a laser-guided grenade launcher is a tad ridiculous.

Robert Bowling: @EvilLincoln Its not very powerful, has to be aimed and programmed and then only explodes at that distance.

54. OD_DiCE: Whats class restriction control ?

Robert Bowling: @OD_DiCE Ability to restrict any weapon, equipment, perk, deathstreak, secondary, attachment, ANYTHING from being used when setting up game.

55. MickeyG2k14: How do you unlock attachments in MW3? It wasn’t clear at XP. Please reply. Thank you!

Robert Bowling: @MickeyG2k14 Every weapon can be leveled up individually and when you do that, you unlock attachments, camos, proficiencies, reticles for it

56. TylerClementi11: Don’t you think giving an entire team the Juggernaut perk because one player got 5 non-consecutive kills is unbalanced?

Robert Bowling: @TylerClementi11 No, because you’re not giving the entire team Jugg. You’re calling in a package, that needs to be retrieved and then given. Requiring you to 1) Get the package alive. 2) Throw it out to any available team mates, which then have to equip it.

57. ThunderS7ruck: Once you hit level 80 on your 1st prestige deathstreaks are locked out for that gamertag, fair? No longer a “new player”

Robert Bowling: @ThunderS7ruck Removing a feature from the game for more experienced players isn’t the answer. How about a Deathstreak-less playlist?

58. aronh17: Is it safe to say theater mode is coming to MW3? I really think it helps you learn from things and remember classic moments.

Robert Bowling: @aronh17 Yes, we have theater mode in #MW3 in public and private matches with lots of optimizations to it.

59. JD_Lambright: Loved seeing you on Feedback @g4tv wanted to ask you, are noob tubes being nerfed in #MW3 because they need to be big time

Robert Bowling: @JD_Lambright Thanks! Yeah, noobtubes (and explosives overall) have been nerfed. They do less damage and are less plentiful & new counters.

60. SirAgentZero: Bouncing Betty’s seem overpowered in #MW3, being impossible to see and having a 360° kill view. Claymores become useless.

Robert Bowling: @SirAgentZero You can go prone the moment you hear the sound and avoid any damage if you’re quick enough. Everything has a strategy to it.

61. GorillaWarrior: Are the assists required for Hardline Pro gun assists or assists from anything?

Robert Bowling: @GorillaWarrior Any assists that goes on the leaderboard counts with Hardline Pro to your next Pointstreak.

62. Dendari92: 2 questions about PC version:1)will it use VAC? 2) there will be dedis(unlike MW2) & better optimization(unlike BO)?

Robert Bowling: @Dendari92 Yes, #MW3 on PC will use VAC in addition to anti-cheat measures we’ve taken. Yes it has Dedi support, yes it is optimized better.

63. kryptikspaniard: Your game will be absolute shit unless there are barebones modes.

Robert Bowling: @kryptikspaniard Of course there is Barebones. Its my favorite mode!

64. DATWlTTERUSER: Where do we start off in campaign mode?

Robert Bowling: @DATWlTTERUSER Right after MW2 left off. Finding out what happened to Task Force 141 and in the fight to get the Russians out of Manhattan.

65. RK1EliteKnight: Can you explain what Team Defender is in #MW3 ?

Robert Bowling: @RK1EliteKnight Team Defender is a new game mode where you grab a flag, run with it, and defend it on the move to score points as a team.

66. MaleEssex: Please make the advance UAV like the Blackbird?

Robert Bowling: @MaleEssex Yes, its very similar, showing more detailed direction and intel, like the Blackbird.

67. oilers000: Is last stand in spec ops?

Robert Bowling: @oilers000 No, there is a self-revive feature you can buy in armories though allows you to get yourself back up once if downed

68. XIBirdmanIX: I just fear another blops where it is infested by campers m8, then it is slow and boring

Robert Bowling: @XIBirdmanIX Assassin isn’t this all powerful stealth perk, Recon Drone can still see / tag you and you can be tagged by Recon.

69. whipidhinio: Any news on a Prestige Edition of MW3?

Robert Bowling: @whipidhinio The Hardened Edition of #MW3 will be the only collectors edition available this year.

70. Ghosrecon26: In survival mode will the game end if your partner dies?

Robert Bowling: @Ghosrecon26 Yes, both players have to survive. Its all or nothing!

71. NuckFuggets: Scavenger… people are wanting to know if it’s like MW2, resupply of everything.

Robert Bowling: @NuckFuggets Its been balanced more, so it will resupply bullets no matter what, but only M203 rounds if the pack you pick up had them. With M203 being less powerful and frequent already, they are rarely seen and used (much better choices of weapon).

72. JayToDaJay: No more stopping power? 😦

Robert Bowling: @JayToDaJay Negative. Weapon damage as a whole has been increased. Reducing the need to have one perk to do it.

73. BlOoDyPlAgUe95:  What will MW3′s rating be?

Robert Bowling: @BlOoDyPlAgUe95 We haven’t been given one yet, but I fully expect an M rating in the US.

74. GamingFeud: Are titles and emblems making a return in MW3?

Robert Bowling: Yes, they’re unlocked through specific challenges and actions, like in MW2. Not user created.

75. cscherme: Will the #MW3 campaign be co-op or just single player?

Robert Bowling: @cscherme Campaign is always solo. We have co-op missions in Spec Ops mode though which are specifically designed for 2-player play.

76. dungeonmstr: I haven’t seen any information on a Barebones playlist or group of playlists so far. Can you divulge any information please?

Robert Bowling: @dungeonmstr Playlists are broken up into normal and specialty. Things like Barebones and niche playlists are in specialty.

77. JordanN9ne: My buddy says he wont buy mw3 because its broken n unbalanced. What if a whole team uses support juggernaut?

Robert Bowling: @JordanN9ne haha. Then they will be the slowest moving, ill prepared team ever and will get dominated. Basically a team of riot shield guys.

78. RectifiedRuin: When ranking up a weapon in #MW3, exactly how many attachments will you be able to put on your weapon?

Robert Bowling: @RectifiedRuin Two attachment max if you have the Two Attachments weapon proficiency but there are a lot of attachments to choose from.

79. iraydawg: I need something debunked for me. I was told by a GameStop worker that MW3 will be a pay to play online.. Is this true?

Robert Bowling: @iraydawg No sir.

80. M33rkat23: Can you please confirm or deny local serach in mw3 pretty please with sugar on top?

Robert Bowling: @M33rkat23 We’ve put a lot of work on optimizing local search automatically, especially for our foreign players.

81. HilaryBolls: Also, will there be different sensitivity options for ADS as well as normal movement (running/walking)?

Robert Bowling: @HilaryBolls There is only one sensitivity setting in options but there are Weapon Proficiencies you can assign for faster ADS & movement.

82. JMBlackburn83: How will Matchmaking work in #MW3 on consoles – I heard it’s the same as Black Ops and that’s not good in any way for CoD

Robert Bowling: @JMBlackburn83 Not the same as Black Ops but hard to explain in 140 characters. Lots of improvements went in for party + local searches.

83. XibitMaster: Posted before w/ no reply. Trying again. Split screen online multiplayer? full lvling, challenges etc. for offline multiplayer?

Robert Bowling: @XibitMaster Yes and yes. Online Splitscreen in #MW3 and full progressive ranking system in Private Match.

84. iKoooPa: Will you be able to choose to use a CoD4 red dot sight or a mw2 red dot sight

Robert Bowling: @iKoooPa Far more than that, there are a number of reticles to choose from as you rank up each individual weapon.

85. JusticePie: Know you’re busy but would u b able to tell us if there’ll be more HC game choices w/ MW3 or about the same as the last 2? TY!

Robert Bowling: @JusticePie Yes, there are a good number of Hardcore Playlists in the Specialty playlist section of #MW3 plus I’ll be listening to requests.

86. The0nlySpoon: What is a Portable Radar? Hearing about this sort of thing AND the heartbeat sensor makes me a little uneasy…

Robert Bowling: @The0nlySpoon Portable Radar is equipment you can place and will ping on minimap when someone walks within it’s 360 degree proximity.

87. ptokilla1: Hello rob what leaderboards will you be featuring in mw3??

Robert Bowling: @ptokilla1 a ton, in game and even more on @CallOfDutyElite! Including Prestige leaderboards. I’ll take a pic when I can for you.

88. MrBowlingPwnzzz: If you cap the B flag in dom, do you get a higher pointstreak for capping that flag over the A or C flag?

Robert Bowling: @MrBowlingPwnzzz No. All flags are equal in their point distribution.

89. Firestarterr74: Can I get a no if you can’t disclose the hosting as dedicated servers or peer to peer please.

Robert Bowling: @Firestarterr74 Matchmaking and Dedicated servers on PC. Only P2P matchmaking on consoles. #MW3

90. DragoonRoyale: How are you going to prevent someone from earning jugg then putting on a specialist class to be the Jugg with all perks???

Robert Bowling: @DragoonRoyale Not possible. Can only have one strike package enabled at a time. Plus Jugg changes entire loadout (even primary weapon)

91. xB_iWeeDz: It seems that the weapons in #MW3 have higher recoil than in previous games, like the M4A1. Is it true?

Robert Bowling: @xB_iWeeDz Yes. More kick and recoil than before. There are also Weapon Proficiencies that help you specialize and reduce that.

92. Dibola: I assume server admins will have hit or miss, about the same control as admins do with #blackops as #Treyarch saw fit…..

Robert Bowling: @Dibola Public server files with full control, similar to COD4 admin rights.

93. ZeRoPointOOH: Will the portable radar work in hardcore

Robert Bowling: @ZeRoPointOOH Yes but you don’t have a minimap so you have to rely on the sound the ping makes to know it’s been tripped.

94. scribblezmesick: Ok thnx man one more thing will the acr be in here also how was cod xp

Robert Bowling: @scribblezmesick Yes, the ACR 6.8 is one of my favorite guns in #MW3 and COD XP was amazing.

95. SlightlyCT: Will accolades be making a return in #MW3 ?

Robert Bowling: @SlightlyCT Yes sir.

96. DiRizz: What can you tell us about Challenges and Title/Emblem unlocks? Can you expand on that? Just like MW2, or improved?

Robert Bowling: @DiRizz Improved, especially on how they’re presented and explained. Can track progress towards next ones and see what you’re close to.

97. CaIIIum:  Will the riot shield in #MW3 be more useful than the one in MW2 or will it be just as easy to kill a person using one??

Robert Bowling: @CaIIIum They have same weakness (flash + stun works well on them) and they’re slow moving. Although there are perks reduce flash / stun.

98. Scotners: How does Double xp work when you use the prestige shop….Thanks buddy MW3 FTW

Robert Bowling: @Scotners Its time based, so it provides you with double XP for a pre-determined amount of time.

99. h0b0withash0tgn: Do u choose ur package every game, each class has a different one, or at the beggining of prestige?

Robert Bowling: @h0b0withash0tgn You choose it in the lobby and can change it any time while in a lobby but it will remain until changed.

100. ThePackPride: Can you guys add guns later on after the game is released as a dlc? also will the reporting system be better on the ps3 than BO

Robert Bowling: @ThePackPride Yes, we can add anything as DLC after launch if we decide, and yes the reporting feature is improved now.

101. xtremeftw: Will Demolition be in the playlist for #MW3?

Robert Bowling: @xtremeftw Yes. That is included in the Standard Playlists. Specialty playlists are Barebones, Hardcore, Niche playlists.

102. RaverDanK:  What of cod points and wager matches? #mw3

Robert Bowling: @RaverDanK There is no currency system in multiplayer of #MW3and therefore no Wager Matches. We do have custom game modes in Private.

103. MW3FTW2011: Will everyone get all DLC but only hardened get it for free

Robert Bowling: @MW3FTW2011 Of course anyone has an option to buy DLC, its just included with Elite subscription, which comes free in the Hardened Edition.

104. burritosupremed: Are there weapon proficiencies in survival?

Robert Bowling: @burritosupremed No, just attachments. You can buy perks, killstreaks, and equipment as well in Spec Op Survival though.

105. altassan: What does that small remote controlled helicopter do? i just know what it tags enemies, and then?

Robert Bowling: @altassan That’s it, it’s meant as a recon tool to allow you to identify and tag enemy locations for team mates, and get eyes on targets.

106. austinrbaker: Can u classify what niche playlist is

Robert Bowling: @austinrbaker A playlist that is typically not very popular among the majority of the audience but loved by a small portion.

107. xFPS_FREEKx: Can you jump in multiplayer because someone told me that u can’t, also y no yying?

Robert Bowling: @xFPS_FREEKx Of course you can jump in multiplayer, the only person who can’t jump is a juggernaut. Part of the balancing.

108. JakeOfDuty4: How do the throwing knives work in mw3 any change from mw2 or black ops?

Robert Bowling: @JakeOfDuty4 The throwing knife is the same from MW2.

109. Cr4zE: Is the knife a separate weapon now?

Robert Bowling: @Cr4zEe No, you still have off-hand melee, the Throwing Knife is a completely different piece of equipment, like in MW2.

110. ASheMaleWalrus: What custom games are there in private matches?

Robert Bowling: @ASheMaleWalrus Juggernaut, Team Juggernaut, Gun Game, Infection, and more.

111. DragoonRoyale: Can we control the progression for private match Gun Game?

Robert Bowling: @DragoonRoyale Yes, you have full control over any custom game.

112. bigcodfan28: Whats going on to prevent mw3 from getting hacks

Robert Bowling: @bigcodfan28 A lot of backend security upgrades, as well as all new monitoring system to address players, and fast updating abilities

113. OG_Much: Is their a kill streak that has no falling damage?

Robert Bowling: @OG_Much There is a Perk (Dead Silence Pro) that gives you no falling damage.

114. WhiteMamba_24: Hey Mr. Bowling my brother is disabled and was wondering if he can adjust the controls

Robert Bowling: @WhiteMamba_24 We have a unique control scheme for disabled players that we specifically crafted with some of our disabled fans feedback.

115. Winzow: One of the more suprising changes in #MW3 is the removal of lightweight. Why did it get the axe?

Robert Bowling: @Winzow We have a number of other movement speed focused Weapon Proficiencies and Perks that are now available, making it less necessary.

116. Jaimzterr: You should’ve put “Michael Myers” as a game mode in Private Match

Robert Bowling: @Jaimzterr We did, its called Infection and you can fully customize the rules. 1 player on one side, everyone on the other. #MW3 #Custom

117. iScooper24: Hey in private matches will there be the option to have unlimited ammo or remove a weapons slot?

Robert Bowling: @iScooper24 There is no option for unlimited ammo but you can fully customize weapon loadouts, restrict them however you like.

118. kryptikspaniard: Will the trophy system block incoming M203 rounds?

Robert Bowling: @kryptikspaniard Yes sir. Its awesome for giving you those precious extra seconds to finish a bomb plant or cap a dom point. #MW3

119. DragoonRoyale: Does the TroSys block only explosives in the air, or can a frag rolling on the ground enter its radius and explode on its own?

Robert Bowling: @DragoonRoyale Nope, its only airborne explosives that it can take out.

120. AlanAdamz: The ‘Airdrop Trap’ – No-one will use it as the crate displays skulls to indicate it’s a trap. Please remove skulls.

Robert Bowling: @AlanAdamz The enemy doesn’t see that, only your team sees the black paint and skull. Looks like a standard care package to enemy team.

121. allSTATE2x: Mr. Bowling, it would make my day if you’d reply and let me know if there will be gold camo to unlock? #MW3

Robert Bowling: @allSTATE2x Theres lots of awesome camos, and of course you’ve got to unlock something when you max out the rank of a weapon! 😉  #MW3

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