MW3 Collectible Trading Cards!

Dammit, I was wrong. In a recent post I thought that those images were game assets and part of the game but it turns out they were MW3 Collectible Training Cards.

They come in different “series”, each featuring a Character, Weapon, Map, Perk and Strike Package.

Dew Series

Character Captain John Price (EPIC BEARD!)
Weapon MSR
Map Underground
Perk Marksman
Strike Package Assault

MW3 Series

Character Major Sergeant Sandman
Weapon CM901
Map Village
Perk Recon
Strike Package Support

Doritos Series

Character Vladimir Makarov
Weapon ACR 6.8
Map Dome
Perk Stalker
Strike Package Specialist

Every time you enter a Double XP code, you’ll receive one card.

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