Final Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Coming Within 24 Hours!

Just announced via Twitter and Facebook: a new, final MW3 campaign trailer is coming tomorrow.

According to @FlannaganTW, there is usually 2 commercials from 8.45 – 9PM UK BST so make sure you’re by a TV or have internet access! The trailer will be here on theCoDdaily as soon as I get the links.

It is unsure whether it will air in other countries but it can still be seen internationally via the official YouTube channel or the MW3 Official site.

Here are the estimated times.

8.45 PM – London, UK
9.45 PM – Berlin, Germany

3.45 PM – US East Coast (EST) New York
12:45 PM – US West Coast (PST) Los Angeles

6.45 AM Saturday – Sydney, Australia

That means I have to wake up extra-early.

Source charlie INTEL

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