LEAKED! MW3 First Campaign Mission “Turbulence” Video SPOILER ALERT

The leaked footage has VERY bad quality a shaky cam and taken over someone’s shoulders while at a “Closed Door Event” of the final game being shown to Sony and Microsoft employees. That’s right Sony and / or Microsoft leaked this footage.

What’s even more puzzling is people appear to have their phones lit up and taking pictures and recording.

According to charlie INTEL, Kotaku had it right. Remember the massive leaks? Map names, weapons, logo, scenes, etc.

The mission will be one to remember, kind of like the nuke explosion from CoD 4 and is a HUGE spoiler. If you somehow come across the video, don’t watch it. It is very bad quality, but good enough to make out what’s going on.

Head to page 2 to read the description. SPOILER ALERT.

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