QUICK NEWS: MW3 Relying on Social Media to Advertise

Lately, it seems EA and DICE have been dominating the gaming market with all of their advertising, especially their latest slogan “Above and beyond the Call”.

No, I don’t think EA is going too far — hell, if they’re going after a franchise that sold $360M in the first day, they have to go big. Nuclear big. Okay, maybe not to those scales. That’s exactly what they’re doing — with their “go big or go home” approach.

They’ve even used Jay-Z in advertising.

On the other hand, it appears Activision is taking a reversed approach with their marketing of MW3, and some may think they’ve gone a little too complacent with the franchise. After all, Black Ops sold $650M in the first five days and $1B in one month, plus more with DLCs. “Build it and they will come” may be the Call of Duty approach.

Despite all dollars EA has spent on advertising, it is still predicted by analysts that MW3 will outsell BF3. “These two games are going to dominate the fall,” said Jeremy Miller, analyst at DFC Intelligence.

They are also planning an aggressive advertising plan, partnering with big brands such as Jeep and Doritos, traditional media advertising, and doubling down on public relations, social media and events.

But of course, nothing is guaranteed.

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