Modern Warfare 3: Survival vs Zombies

If you have played the last two games developed by Treyarch, Black Ops and World at War, you know that the main highlight in the games is Zombies with many players even believing it surpasses its campaign and multiplayer.

Considering Treyarch and Activision’s success due to the popularity of this undead mode, it is not such a surprise that Infinity Ward is trying to emulate that success with their own take on the zombie mode, Survival to feature first in Modern Warfare 3.

This follows the same principle as the zombies mode ā€” to survive as many rounds as possible with each round getting harder and harder to beat. This is Modern Warfare, however, so you’ll find Survival features many gameplay elements which makes Infinity Ward’s version feel fresh and unique to the game.

For example, you’ll get to call in air support if you’ve got the cash; and instead of buying weapons of walls or running around the map finding the mystery box, you’d have to find the correct armory for weapons, equipment and air support.

Take a look at the two previews below and share your thoughts ā€” is it a unique new way to play Call of Duty or is it just one of Activision’s new cash-flows with IW copying it from zombies just modernized?

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