Remove Deathstreaks in MW3 Petition

A petition to remove deathstreaks in MW3 has grown to nearly 2,000 signatures. What’s your say?

I’m starting a petition to remove deathstreaks from MW3. Reason being as a player who’s played COD since COD 1, I have learnt the hard way of understanding the way to play Call of Duty. I was horrible in my first COD game yet I learnt from my mistakes when it came to losing which has made me the player I am today.

Nowadays, new players or let’s say “casuals” are given special perks/deathstreaks to be given an advantage over someone better. No, this should be completely removed. Why are good players being punished? Just because we understand how to play the game, why should we be disadvantaged? I hope this petition reaches others in the hope that deathstreaks are removed from MW3.

As a player who suffered at the hands of others in my first COD game (and not given any benefits) why should they? Please sign if you agree that deathstreaks should be removed from MW3.

One comment on “Remove Deathstreaks in MW3 Petition

  1. You guys got to look at it this way, better players have better guns, perks, kill streaks, better EVERYTHING. So death streaks, allow the new players a chance to level up, get new guns, and have a good time playing while actually getting some kills. Good players can take a few hits from some noobs, so you guys should quit complaining and just appreciate the way the game is gonna be even WITH the death streaks. But yes i admit it was probably a bad idea for the creators to put in death streaks, but you got to give new players a chance.

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