Pre-order MW3 PC, get CoD 4 FREE!

Maybe you came to Modern Warfare yet. Maybe the phenomenon of MW2 was your first foray into the series, and you didn’t get to play the first game in the series.

Well if you’re a PC gamer, here’s a nice perk: if you pre-order Modern Warfare 3 for PC as a digital download now, you’ll get Modern Warfare for free!

The direct-download-only deal is currently available on Steam, Direct2Drive, GameStop and the Activision Store – maybe elsewhere, but not known of yet. And it appears you can download Call of Duty 4 straight away so you could play that while waiting for MW3.

This is being offered internationally, so it would be good to check your local direct download sites and you might find this deal is good in Europe, the UK and Australia too.

Source One Of Swords

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