Infinity Ward Pledges Online Improvements in PC MW3

Infinity Ward decides to take a step back to familliar territory with MW3’s PC version.

…abolishing their former in-house IWnet system and replacing it with dedicated servers, a move Robert Bowling (Creative Strategist, Infinity Ward) that was resulted form gamer feedback.

In a recent interview, he discussed the shortcomings of IWnet and why it failed to succeed.

We wanted to unify the experience across every platform but it was always intended to be the first step in a series in what IWNet would become.

So we looked at how that performed and regretfully there were a lot of things that it didn’t achieve that we wanted it to achieve. Things like making it as secure as it can be – Modern Warfare 2 had a lot of problems with cheating and hacking, especially on the PC, that VAC didn’t fully take care of.

As a result we’ve done a lot of work on Modern Warfare 3 on the back end. We are still using VAC in Steam but in addition to that we’ve done much more work on the backend, locking down our stuff to make it more secure, to make sure we have more flexibility on addressing things like that ourselves rather than just relying on some third party anti-cheat program.

It is definitely a step in the right direction. Despite harsh resitance from PC gamers in Modern Warfare 2, it’s good to see that Infinity Ward is recognising its faults, rather than churning out another lousy port.


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