EA Plans to Chip Away CoD Like They Did PES

It is confirmed, Modern Warfare 3 is surpassing Black Ops’ sales and will beat Battlefield 3 as far as sales are concerned.

But EA’s Battlefield’s new run at FPS main objective is to take down Call of Duty’s dominance.

After Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) took the soccer crown from FIFA, EA Sports was forced to re-evaluate the franchise, strive to do better and slowly whittle away PES’ dominance. Taht’s what they plan on doing to Call of Duty.

We will give Activision a hard time in the space. And we have done it when we won back the football category from PES. That’s what we are doing in the shooter space. One of my favorite sayings is Rome wasn’t built in a day. We might not do it Day One, but we are going to take a decent amount share from Activision…In broad numbers, Activision has 90 per cent of the shooter market, and we want to see that go down to 70. I would be even happier if they were left with 60 per cent.

In gamers’ eyes, it will force the other to do better and do nothing but benefit gamers in them being better.

Another clear sign of this competition is at the end of BF3’s latest trailer, saying Above and Beyond the Call [of Duty Franchise].

Source Game Rant

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