MW3 Security Features Detailed

MW3’s Security Features make the game’s multiplayer a better place to be in with this new feature…

In an interview with MW3’s Producer Mark Rubin, he discussed the security features in their upcoming game, Modern Warfare 3. They plan on making the game more secure so multiplayer will be a better place.

Security was a big problem in previous games, so we’ve done a whole lot on that to create what we hope is a much more secure game. Part of that is learning from Treyarch’s work on Black Ops and being pro-active and aggressive on banning, watching the leader boards, looking for cheaters… and one of the big things we’ve changed is the ability to alter the game post-launch.

So one behind-the-scenes feature allows us to update files, sometimes without even doing a full patch – we can just tweak things like weapon balance, which we could never do before. In the past, we’d put out a game and realize, hmm, that’s weapon’s really over-powered but there was nothing we could do about it. I mean, with twenty million people playing the game, you learn more in the ten minutes after release than you do in months of pre-launch playtesting. So that tech feature was a big thing for us.

When Modern Warfare 3 releases, there will be a lot of gamers wanting to crack developer code, find exploits in the game and cause trouble in multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 had its share of security issues but hopefully with this new patching system, it will be more secure.

Source Call of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3

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