Keep Up to Date with SitRep MW3

Keep up to date with SitRep MW3, featuring tons of sources!

The best-selling, 5-starred news app Elite News for BF3 comes to a new edition for Modern Warfare 3.

With over 20 real-time sources, you’ll never be out of the know when breaking news pops up in the MW3 world.


  • Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Slick navigation tree for easy use
  • Official and unofficial videos, as they are released
  • Tons of awesome sources, including:
  • @fourzerotwo’s Twitter Feed
  • Official MW3 Twitter Feed
  • Official Videos
  • Unofficial videos from hundreds of sources
  • MW3 Elite News
  • MW3 Forum News
  • Planet CoD
  • and many more that I don’t want to write…

SitRep MW3 is only $0.99 and with all those features, it is worth it.

Source SmashGuides

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