MW3 vs BF3? F*ck that.

Both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are proving to be great games, and are both releasing later this year. Both games have a huge fanbase and in the past months they’ve grown as the release dates draw closer.

This brought the largest game war of the time and every single Call of Duty or Battlefield fan calls foul when someone says a negative comment or opinion about their beloved franchises and they would swear to hunt down and reign death upon them.

Many of the people at MP1st think that MW3 and BF3 are awesome games in their ways and plan to buy both. Of course, once again, these hardcore fanboys will reign down mega f-bombs upon people who do that.

I believe — just as MP1st does — that this type of action doesn’t cause good on their favored franchise, but harm. How? The people who see these comments would think the franchises would be filled with those people and avoid the games altogether. See it now?

The only thing these people do is say bad stuff about the other game and they’re not polite.

So stop it with the Battlefield sucks, it’s motherf*cking sh*t and you shouldn’t buy that piece of crap just buy Modern Warfare instead if you’re a true gamer or Modern Warfare 3 is sh*t, it’s just the same thing over and over again with the f*cking stupid Makarov and Battlefield is always fresh and packed with tons of sh*t.

Disregard those fanboys, and buy both games. I’d do it even though I favor MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 will have an intense Campaign as you hunt down Makarov, a more epic multiplayer and the revamped Spec Ops mode that kicks ass! It looks to be the best title in the whole franchise.

Battlefield 3 is the most realistic shooter yet, unlike the run ‘n’ gun of Call of Duty; with realistic animations, sounds and its new Frostbite 2 Engine which can makes any building or structure in the game collapse. This looks like it’s going to redefine the first person shooter genre.

Will Battlefield 3 outshine Modern Warfare 3? Only time can tell. I don’t know too.

So that is why you shouldn’t matter which one will kick the other’s ass. Or shoot it in the head, in this case.


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