MW3 at Eurogamer

MW3 Playable at Eurogamer

“Mind the Gap” Mission Details
@fourzerotwo‘s MW3 Updates

@fourzerotwo‘s MW3 Updates

Robert Bowling (a.k.a. @fourzerotwo on Twitter) has answered a couple of questions on Twitter recently and it reveals something in MW3.

Here are a few:

Why did you put the Bouncing Betty and Claymore together? The Betty seems more dominant as it has a 360° reach and is more hidden.

When are we going to get more info on how many prestiges there are? (10 prestiges, 80 levels each)

Are throwing knives the same as in MW2?

“Mind the Gap” Mission Revealed

At GAMEFest 2011, the crew from Digital Warfare 24/7 got to see the reveal of the MW3 campaign stealth mission Mind the Gap, which is set in London. Here is a quick summary.

You take the role of Sgt. Marcus Burns from the SAS. Your objective? Take control over a dockyard facility near Canary Wharf. They’re suspicious of WMDs heading for Westminster. The mission opens up with a thermal aerial view of an AC130. The Russians.

SPOILER ALERT READ MORE Digital Warfare 24/7

MW3 at Eurogamer

The Eurogamer Expo begins on the 22nd September this year, which happens to be the release date of Rezurrection on the PS3 and PC, and attendees get to play MW3.

Eurogamer is really thrilled and excited to announce that Activision will be a part of this huge event with the upcoming MW3.

But hurry! Tickets are nearly sold out and the only remaining tickets are: THURSDAY Full day and Afternoon only and Friday Afternoon only.

Afternoon only tickets are £7.50 and full day tickets are £10.00 and both are running out.

GET TICKETS Eurogamer Expo
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