Modern Warfare 4: Impossible

MW4 is impossible.

Assassin not powerful stealth perk…

CoD Zombies NEW Live Action Trailer…

CoD Elite PS3 Beta OFFICIALLY Announced…

and Subliminal Messages in MW3

New MW3 Feature: Subliminal Messages

A very clever Twitter user broke the news today and foud a new feature in the upcoming Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3.

Subliminal messages.

He found that the Strike Packages: Assault, Support and Specialist spelt ASS. Here’s the original tweet:!/numberonemarty/status/115136781812383744

LOL, did you think I was serious? But this is still one hell of a coincidence.

Elite PS3 Beta OFFICIALLY Announced

Activision was late to officially announce the start of the PS3 beta! The media got there first. Fail!

Anyway, from the official Call of Duty Elite Twitter account, @CallOfDutyElite is an important notification to PS3ers and CoD gamers (me) that the first batch of invites (included me 😀 (I shouted “Yes!” when I saw the email)) were released.

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Second Live-Action Zombies Trailer

A new CoD Zombies trailer has popped up on YouTube continuing the live-action scenarios which I’ve come to love. Zombies addict.

This came after the first trailer which was followed by an orientation trailer. You can watch this trailer below.

YOUTUBE Trailer 2 · Orientation Trailer · Trailer 1

Assassin Not Powerful Stealth Perk

Assassin, thought to be the unbalanced successor of Ghost from Black Ops isn’t really that overpowered.

In a reply to a Twitter user, Robert Bowling explained briefly:

Assassin is a Tier 2 perk (it’s red) which makes you undetectable by UAV, portable radar, thermal scope and heartbeat sensors.

The pro version makes the player immune to EMPs and Counter-UAVs.

However, the perk doesn’t immune you to Recon, a 10-kill killstreak which gives you a small helicopter UAV to “tag” enemy players for your team.

LINKS Strike Packages / Killstreaks · Perks

MW4: Impossible

In an interview with Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and CEO of Sledgehammer Games, he said that they plan on making a new story following MW3 that doesn’t include Soap, Price or Makarov.

There’s a story that’s been told over the last two games, and we wanted to make sure that a big part of that story didn’t continue to linger, like here’s another cliff hanger, and another one, and another one.

We’re not ending the franchise, but we’re putting a nice conclusion on wrapping….we’re wrapping up the story.

But you know, we’re also introducing some new characters. There’s Sandman, Frost, and Truck, who are members of an Elite Delta Force Team.

Glen Schofield
Co-Founder and CEO, Sledgehammer Games


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