MW3 Smartphone App

MW3 Smartphone App

MW3-Styled PS3 Controller…

MW3: Private Match explained…

MW3’s Spec Ops at GAMEfest…

Robert Bowling‘s Twitter updates…

and “New Call of Duty 4 maps”

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“New Call of Duty 4 Maps”

I have stumbled across this page at Call Of Duty Cheat, and it said “New Call of Duty 4 Maps” which interested me… so I checked it out.

It also said below the video:

READ THIS INFO BEFORE COMMENTING! Shorter – – Shorter Version BOTH consoles pay for the maps. Watch and leave a comment. Favourite if you want and send me a message if you have any questions (resend, I deleted the first messages by accident) All 4 new maps. Chinatown (Carentan from Cod2) Broadcast Creek Killhouse The maps will be made available in early April for the Xbox 360 and late April for the PS3. Whether it is coming out for the pc is not known yet but it is likely that if it does it will be free. I never got to play these maps, guys from put videos up and I made them into one easy video. Cod4. Enjoy!

It confuses me… is it from an official map pack or is it a tweak by a gamer for more maps? Help!

SOURCE Call of Duty Cheat

Robert Bowling’s Twitter Updates

Here is Robert Bowling’s Twitter updates for this week, and it does have a new info on MW3.

  • Support strike package doesn’t reset on death, unlike Assault and Specialist which do.
  • Scavenger perk will only resupply “noob tubes” (grenade launchers) if fallen package carried one.
  • The M203 grenade launcher is LESS powerful as they are rarely seen and used due to better choice in weapons.
  • Weapon damage, has been totally reduced.
  • An M rating is fully expected in the US.
  • Titles and Emblems are not unlocked via challenges like MW2, nor user-created like in Black Ops ( 😦 ). No info yet.
  • Multiplayer playlists are broken up into two: Normal and Specialty. (Expect less cluttered game lists.)
  • You can pick up and move equipment, like in Black Ops.
  • 2 attachments maximum on a weapon, and there are more attachments available.
  • Lots of work went into optimizing search engines, especially for foreign players.
  • No Prestige Edition, only Hardened. [RECONFIRMED]
  • MW3 production began straight after MW2, so there is a total of two years production.
  • Considerably reduced damage on explosives, especially grenade launchers; MW3 is focused on gun-on-gun.


Play Spec Ops at GAMEfest

GAMEfest has started recently in the UK. This is the first chance for gamers there to get to play Modern Warfare 3 – before the release – after CoD XP in LA.

GAMEfest gives you the chance to play the biggest games from the biggest developers from the biggest publishers on the biggest platforms. Biggest.

Eric Folliot from Activision UK confirmed that only MW3’s Spec Ops Survival will be available on the event which sadly means no multiplayer 😦 .


New MW3 Private Match System Explained

9Modern Warfare 3’s new Private Match system supports an array of customization options to make your own game. The big reveal was that you can save, upload and share your custom matches to Call of Duty Elite. Winning!

Social integration is a huge focus for MW3, with Facebook connections in Elite and mobile apps (later) to help you.

In Black Ops, the community made tons (seriously) of custom games via the game but only stays there. In Modern Warfare 3 via Elite, you can share it easier, rate it, download it, alter it, re-upload it, share it… it just seems to go on.

Private matches also have exclusive game modes. See them below.

LINKS MW3 Private Match-Exclusive Game Modes
SOURCE  Call of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3

MW3-Styled PS3 Controller

At Pepcom’s media event, BWOne got some hands-on with a new MW3ized PS3 Controller. Announced at the end of last month, this PDP PS3 controller features a layout similar to the Xbox 360’s.

Instead of the D-pad parallel to the other buttons, it is parallel to the right stick – similar to the Xbox 360’s. It is covered in MW3 artwork and comes with a comfortable, smooth coating and firm grip.

Watch the video below.


MW3 Smartphone App

Announced at XP, the developers of Modern Warfare 3 will roll out an app that will allow you to customize your class, strike packages and perks on the go.

Unfortunately for Nokias, Blackberrys and Windows Phone 7s, there isn’t an app for you. This app is only coming out for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) and Android. The app will have a similar login system as to the one in the consoles and PCs.

If you have Elite, you will have tons more features available in the app than without it but those features remain unclear.

SOURCE Call of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3

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